Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


I think I have to give up on this save. At this point, I’m basically surrounded by Hulks and Shockers with no stamina and there’s not much I can do without outright debug cheats. I might still give it a try though, but I see it rather bleakly.


Try teleport out from trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

Enemies (and sometimes items) get cloned if you close game bit too late after your death. probably you can see also your dead corpse lying on ground, with all items you had.

If you really like your char you can use debug menu and spawn few friendly turrets, or


Returning player here (Last time I checked in the experimental number for 0.C was ~1000) with a question on vehicle damage. I’m running the vehicle addons mod.

I’ve got a customised RV decked out in military composite armour, military composite rams on the front and all the interior cells equipped with shock absorber armour. I ram a bush at 40mph travelling diagonally in a south westerly direction (radial options are on, if that impacts anything). Two turns later, a vanilla solar panel in the vehicles midsection explodes. Over the following few turns, three more solar panels detonate and the welding rig at the rear of the vehicle is almost completely destroyed.

I definitely haven’t rammed anything else, just one bush. Is there any modification I can do to my vehicle to avoid this? Rip out the shock absorbers and slap in military composite? Image included, I’ve circled where the welding rig is in red.


Nah, it’s just poor damage calculation. I remember ramming a crate in my 20-ton truck and getting half the vehicle mangled. The solar panels suffer a lot from monsters, but I don’t remember damaging them by ramming into things.
Summary: damage calculation is broken. Live with it.

upd: just woke up from ‘a huge explosion’. some ant tripped a landmine like 40 tiles away and half my vehicle is now yellow (including internal parts which are supposed to be covered by hull and armour) and a single solar panel is damaged beyond repair.
Thanks, ant. Thanks a lot.

upd2: here comes a second explosion. lost a floodlight this time.


Oh damn, maintaining vehicles is going to be way more brutal that what I remember.


Minefields are kind of broken, especially with z-levels on which seems to make explosions more potent while ignoring intervening terrain.


Yeah, well, and they also consume fuel like crazy. Or maybe it’s just me driving like a maniac.


I don’t have them.


I read that recent changes made explosions way more powerful and damaging. I think they kinda went overboard on it if you ask me.


There was a problem with explosions a while ago where the “shrapnel” would go infinitely in all directions. Pretty sure they fixed it however.


I’ve taken to reinforcing some inventory items to help reduce the chance of accidentally dropping them.


Likely heavier vehicles do more damage on both ends, while the parts stay the same. Reinforced solar panels away from the impact site should not explode on bushes, I’m sure. Strategically placed armor, to minimize weight, might work better on a lighter vehicle to reduce shock damage if it works anything like wearable armor.

The motd tips suggest basements are perpetually cool so putting dehydrated meat in a basement and calling it a day might be good enough. Otherwise use a cold lab or use freezers. Meat is so easy to go out and get now you can pretty much start a carnivore with grain intolerance, vege intolerance, fruit intolerance, ect, to max on meaningless disadvantages. No doubt fixed with nutritional needs or this jinxing it.

A tip for fighting is that windows and carts were nerfed because of the movement penalty they provided, but the opportunity is still prevalent. Most vehicle parts have the same 400 penalty. Should you have a 3x3 or 5x5 vehicle without anything to block movement you have a movable kill field. Try leading a juggernaut onto a vehicle without walls and poking with an awl. There are some dangers in getting shot, hit by a missile, grappled off, or needing to abandon the vehicle due to it being locked in place, but it works well on small numbers. It is not impossible to gun it, perpetually stun everything on the vehicle, and kill them with spiked plates on every part, but that is terribly inefficient. Worth trying at least once.

A few blade traps work great on weak things, leaving you to deal with the stronger things that get past. Setup is quick, and you can surround everything but the path out around a car to make quick work of weaker hordes. They can also work well in front of a doorway if there is room, but it seems fickle on what it can be placed on. Consider carrying a foldable light frame to place in the doorway for extra cheese.


No! Because you still live after stepping onto a landmine! This is just outright broken.


Oh, good to know minefields were buffed. I was casually looting stuff from one of them the other day, luckily haven’t triggered any. ( PS. Are minefield mines infinite? )

Also, can you accurize/reinforce bows? I only found reddit posts from 2 years ago about this. My Longbow could use all the power it can get before I upgrade to Reflex Recurve Bow.


Minefields can be depleted. Once a mine has been triggered or disarmed, the only way it can be replaced is if the player slaps down a new one.

We’ll need someone else to weigh in on accurizing bows because I just shoot things with bullets.


Well, I found out that Compound Bow is actually much better than RR Bow could be. Now if only I knew what mod can be attached to it under the “underbarrel” category. ( Underslung Shotgun can’t be attached and I was sad. Would help so much against those pesky Shocker Brutes. ) Also, is there any other accesory besides Arrow Rest? I think Bow Stabilizer used to be an accessory before, but now I’m missing those two mods from having a Compound Bow (high) ++++++.

So in short,

  • What can you attach to bow as “underbarrel”?
  • Any other accessory besides arrow rest? How to get it?
  • How good is the Wooden Greatbow, and how the heck do you get 18 Strength to pull it off? Hydraulic Muscles? ( I started with 10/9/12/10 )


Underbarrel laser sights can be attached to bows. Maximum mods on a bow are something like underbarrel laser sight, bow stabilizer or bow stabilizer system, single pin sight or 5 pin sight or bow scope, bow dampening kit, and arrow rest. Almost all of them are craftable with Fabrication 5+, Archery 5+, Electronics 5+, and a copy of the Bowyer’s Buddy.

Wooden Greatbow has dispersion 200, reload 100, range 12, damage 35, weight 3.2 kg. The compound Greatbow has dispersion 100, reload 150, range 22, damage 60, weight 2 kg. You’re almost certainly better off using the compound greatbow.

As far as achieving 18 ST:
Start at ST 10.
Install a Muscle Augmentation CBM for ST 12.
Drink some Ursine, Cattle, or Lizard mutagen for the Large mutation and ST 14.
Inject a lot of Chimera, Lupine, or Troglobite serum for the Extremely Strong mutation at ST 18.

Start at ST 8.
Inject a lot of Ursine serum for the Huge mutation and ST 12.
Inject a lot of Ursine serum for the Insanely Strong mutation at ST 19.
Bonus: You’ll probably pick up TAAANK on the way, for +40% HP, and Shaggy Fur, which will keep you warm now that you can barely wear clothes and don’t fit in vehicles.


So if I get this right, there is only one accessory for bows ( arrow rest )? Then why are there 2 slots for accessories? Unless there is a rare accessory that can only be found, not crafted?

How about Alpha Mutations? Does it still give you huge stats and really good traits? I don’t really like having downsides ( like not being able to wear clothes, but not fitting in vehicles is a big No for me ) so Alpha being “normal human, but superhuman” was always the to-go for me ( not that I ever managed to survive until thinking of mutations was viable )

BTW: It’s Compound Bow, not Greatbow. I don’t even want to know how much strength would a Compound Greatbow need.


There’s only one gunmod for bows in the accessories slot, but there’s only 3 gunmods for guns in the accessories slot and most guns still have 4 accessories slot. Presumably that gives modders space to work without having to copy-from every bow and gun in the game.

There’s a Compound Greatbow, ST 18 required. Requires Fabrication 8, Mechanics 5, and a lot of stuff to make it, but it exists.

Alpha’s Prime ST is +2 ST, but it stacks with Alpha’s Very Strong for a total bonus of +4. It’s not as good as Ursine, Lupine, or Chimera if you want absurd ST, but you can wear power armor so it’s a trade-off.


Huh? Brutes go down after 4-5 hits, which is quite easy considering the bow’s radius.

You can, by the way, accurize your compound bow with a firearm/gunsmith repair kit. Try it out! (I’ve never found a tool to accurize a longbow, but it works with a compound one)

About STR 18 - STS help you, my son. I’m at 12 STR now, without a CBM. Gonna find one, install it, then dine on some mutagen and hope I don’t die in the process.


Okay, question. What do I do with a tank of frozen water? I remember reading something about heated tanks, but I can’t find any parts or whatever. How do I get my water?