Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


I’ve found ninjutsu to be better than the guides make it out to be. The flexibility of working with any weapon is handy when I want to swap out to a non-conductive one for stabbing a shocker, or a blunt weapon or whatever. And being silent is great, you can kill an enemy without alerting the ones around the corner/outside the building/etc.


It’s even better if you pick light step as a starting trait and get yourself some light amp googles, you can kill entire hoards at night with relative ease.


Yeah, too bad that character died in a blaze of flames…
I was in a minor tussle with a shocker zombie who managed to stun me enough to get a good bite in on my leg, it wasn’t anything too major, until I realized I had an almost infected limb when I finally went to sleep a few hours later. I know it was stupid, but I had no antibiotics and my only defense were those pills that could only stop an infection in the first place: I still decided to take the risk and use my motorcycle I found and ride into town, just to get a layout and see if it was my one mega city or not.

Figures it was- and about four blocks into the night I decided trying to find anything that would definitely cure my infected limb so I went bathroom raiding to see if any had antibiotics. I found nothing, and was hurt badly, so I just hid in a bathroom and lit the door on fire with my lighter in attempt to make a wall between my pursuers.

I finally got surprise attack, but it was already too late, but doing 21 damage with a swing that took less than a movement point was super fun, and made quick work of some of the zombies before the fire engulfed me.


Yeah ninjitsu…… I do like Silat for the boost to dodge tho. Especially early.


Does anyone know if there is a way to disassemble in batches?


The B butcher menu will let you disassemble items on the floor, and has a disassemble everything option.


Thanks! I didn’t think that applied to everything, but now that I know that, it’ll make salvaging this loot quicker!


Is there an easy way to make an antibiotic of sorts in the wikderness? Got into a tussle and got bit bad on the torso and leg, managed to cauterize the leg wound, but the right after failing to cauterize my torso, the wound went to badly infected. Currently doused it in cattail jelly, and I so far haven’t found a town yet…


Hello guys quick question - how do we remove the tree stumps from the ground?


When you hit “a” to apply the axe there is an option to chop in logs. Think of the stump as a trunk to chop into a log. Give it a go.


You could burn it down :wink:


I don’t think there’s an easy way to fight a full blown infection in the wilderness. One of the challenges of such a run is avoiding taking a deep bite at all costs.

You could try to find royal jelly in a beehive but that’s a Hail Mary as is, so unless they added a wilderness antibiotic that came in completely under the radar you might just have to keep your health up and try to fight through it.


Hehe, Im a Cyborg Monster so having high health isn’t an option until I find a city, might as well as spend my last fee hours finding a city.

I have a breathing teardrop that seems to do nothing in particular… It only causes storms and it doesn’t seem to be regenerating charges either


Yeah the last 2 artifacts I found didn’t do anything and also never recharged.


Anyone have some tips for assaulting Hospitals? I don’t really have a way to do long distance trips atm and am in need of an auto doc so the nearby hospital sitting next to a school is my best bet. Now I’ve never actually successfully secured a hospital, last time I tried it ended up burning down after a legion of brutes ambushed me in a corridor. Tight spaces and legions of zombies and no expendable burnable buildings take away most of my usual strategies so was wondering if anyone has managed it. Only have one arm as well so rifles, bows, twohanded anything is off the table making me particularly nervous.


Always leave yourself an escape route to draw hordes through and out into the open where you’ll have more room to maneuver. Don’t be afraid to go loud if you have to; the quick kills on dangerous enemies you’ll get via guns or grenades are worth the extra attention, especially if you have that aforementioned escape route. Don’t be afraid to run if you need to; most of my deaths occur after I’m well-enough along to fight hordes, simply because I get myself in too deep and don’t withdraw when I still have the chance. Don’t try to get the entire place cleared in a single day unless you know for good and goddamn sure you can.


So how would one go about destroying a slime pit?


If you mean removing the over map tile. Nuke it (from a silo more specifically)


If you have z-levels enabled the easiest way is to set it ablaze and watch it burn from a short distance.


Hi everyone, just joined up been a lurker for years. ( thought i had just singed up but seems i already was)

I need some help how do i make a faction camp? i have no idea, playing Verson 0.D (Danny)