Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


I don’t think there is dedicated storage for smaller ammo types in CDDA, but they’re usually not that volume needy. You’ll just have to be smarter about when to reload I guess? :man_shrugging:


Well you don’t really reload the sling, it just fires from inventory. A good number of shots can be a good 3L though and that’s pretty big for a combat kit, especially early. You also don’t reload slings, they fire from inventory.


Alright, you’ll just have to be smart about when you manual it…


What’s the point of making diesel? The diesel engines can run on lamp oil, which is both easier and faster to craft.


Diesel has 50% more energy per volume than lamp oil. That said, diesels running on lamp oil have only been in the game for a couple of months.


Does the game have a pretty in-depth fuel economy? I mean from just plain fires and stuff like that, it seems pretty in-depth, but I’ve never really played too much with vehicles, other than using them as a last stand kamikaze deal.


It does have some sort. What you do with the vehicle, what fuels you use all effect the efficiency of the whole thing. The heavier you get the more you need to burn to move, different fuels have different amounts of energy per volume, ect, ect. Deathmobiles have awful gas mileage.


The fuel economy math is fairly detailed: vehicles slow down due to air drag and rolling resistance, and those values depend on the vehicle design and weight. Vehicles then accelerate back up to cruise speed, which consumes energy based on engine size, engine efficiency, and the fuel’s energy density.

You’ll get different rates of fuel consumption between a diesel v12 and a gasoline v12 installed in the same sports car. You’ll get different rates for a diesel burning diesel and a diesel burning lamp oil or methanol. You’ll get different rates for a gasoline v12 in a sports car and in an RV, and even in the sports car with a door open versus closed.


Besides your example of an Open Door what else affects drag


Drag force is calculated by building an approximate aerodynamic profile of the car from a co-efficient of drag and a cross-sectional area. Drag force is relative to the product of those two values times the square of velocity, so you want to keep both as low as is reasonable.

in the following discussion, length is the size of your car in the direction of forward motion and width the size of the car at 90 degrees to forward. Height isn’t directly visible in CDDA because the game has a top-down 2D view.

Co-efficient of drag increases when:

  • there is a ram at the front of the car
  • there isn’t a quarterpanels at the front of the car (large increase)
  • there aren’t any quarterpanels before any windshields (large increase)
  • there aren’t any windshields before any passengers (large increase)
  • any passengers aren’t inside the vehicle (large increase)
  • there are any turrets or floodlights (moderate increase)
  • there are any wind turbines (large increase)
  • the back of the car isn’t a trunk door or quarterpanel
  • the car isn’t at least twice as long as it is wide

Cross-sectional is determined by the vehicle’s height and width. Width is dependent on the vehicle’s width in tiles, but there’s not a 1:1 correspondence.

Height depends on vehicle design:

  • have no quarter panels, doors, full boards, or aisles gives a very low height
  • quarter panels increase the height a little
  • doors increase the height a little more
  • full boards increase the height even more
  • aisles increase the height even more
  • solar panels, turrets, floodlights, and turbines all increase height a bit

only the worse of quarter panels, doors, or full boards count.

The final drag force coefficient is displayed in the vehicle interaction menu. It generally has a large effect on how fast your vehicle can go, though very heavy vehicles with treads or road rollers tend to have their speed limited more by rolling resistance than drag.

Opening a door causes passengers to not be inside anymore (usually), which increases drag.


Wow, thanks that’s a damn good explanation.


A lot of work must have been put into that. Is any of that shown in game like the height aisles and stuff add?

On another note, is there anti itch cream or anything like that in game? This itchy metal thing is a real problem.


Oh man, only to think how much of this is gonna change if someone wants to make a helicopter or something, jeez…


Rotors would just be a part that increased vehicle height and drag co-efficient. The rest of the math is already handled: air drag is calculated the same way for a car and for an aircraft, and obviously the rolling resistance of an aircraft’s wheels or skids would be 0 when the aircraft is airborne.


What martial arts are unobtainable past character creation? The only other choice for my character is brawling and niten rychu (richu?) (which doesn’t use any unarmed skills weapons…)

I may have accidentally taken ninjutsu thinking it would help my character with their above average dex. I also did not take any unarmed, melee, or dodge, but have somehow survived and have gotten my character to 2 unarmed with a little ways to go to 3 for the great surprise attack. Only realized surprise attack works with basically any weapon, so my completely unique martial art isn’t all that unique. (Other than not having to worry about getting flanked when in combat due to having no noise when melee attacking.)

And most martial arts guides say having the ninjustu trait both as a starting and only martial art is a bad idea.

(The 187% increase to accuracy is SUPER helpful though, especially when in a lot of pain, so statsthruskills has really helped this character barely thrive, even if basically becoming a kite pro and becoming decently adept at stealth-ing town raids doesn’t help too much.)

Is there a list of unarmed weapons so I can make a short wishlist and keep myself motivated to play the game (other than to get to end-game too)

Finally as the last part of the my questions, is there much of a difference between nail knuckles and steel knuckles? Other than not learning anything about using cutting weapons, and obviously loosing the better part of the ninjustu’s surprise attack.


Honestly if you really want to get some mean unnarmed ability I’d recommend mutations primarily. When your unarmed skill starts boosting up multiple simultanious, toxic, high damage attacks, and your basic strikes also getting bonus damage+poison you can really lay waste to armies o f zombies. Punch Daggers can be pretty nice though and personally I’m a fan of Brawling as far as unnarmed styles go. It’s seriously a solid one.


I’ll have to look into some mutations, it’ll make a good benchmark to see if I can start exploring labs comfortably enough with some rifles and unarmed, I want to find something like a judo martial art though…

Too bad I didn’t think about that and get Robust Genetics


You can get Robust genetics via mutation, pick one of the lines that has it then mutate and purge appropriately until you pick it up.


None. You can find books to teach you every martial art in the game, bar special ones like bionic combatives and brawling. That said, the books are pretty rare and there is no guarantee you will find the one you want, so if you really want a specific MA you are better picking it up at chargen.


Brawling is automatically learned at Unarmed 2 and Bionic Combatitives can only be learned by activating the bionic during combat if I recall rightly.