Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


Ah. They must have added wood more recently. (Or it’s part of the mod as you say)

It’s all good advice either way. The starting shelter has such a wealth of resources, I don’t really like doing the standard evac starts. But it’s well tuned for new people to learn.


Why weird? You just take a piece of wood and make a handle for the screwdriver. IMO you could either jam the piece of metal into the handle or flatten it out and drive a nail through it.


This is probably a silly question but is there anyway to clear out ramps/staircases that get blocked off halfway down?


What determines how much joy you gain by playing an instrument?


Not really, it means there’s no stairs on the other side. If you’re feeling a bit debuggy, you can teleport down there and add some stairs with the map editor, but you might find a lava rift or something.
If there’s an ant-hill nearby that’s probably it, those guys tunnel out everything.


Optimist is the only thing I can think of. But it effects everything


IIRC perception affects it as well.


This seems to have changed. You can now use a heavy stick, two by four, or duct tape.


That makes it considerably easier. Interesting.


I got a couple…

Can you mix martial arts, without using them in the style selection? I noticed from Vorm’s quick tips about martial arts that he was using a fire ax with normal while getting surprise attacks from Ninjustu.

Is there an easy way to get threads? I hate dedicating whole days to disassembling rags just to get 80 threads, and it’s needed for quite a couple weapon schematics (and mainly for training my tailoring because I haven’t found any sew awesome monthly’s in my town yet).

Are solar cars a good start for death mobiles? They are sorta fragile with the solar panels, but it’s a great start for easy power too.


Thread can be obtained by disassembling small strings, which can be obtained by disassembling long strings, which can be obtained by disassembling short ropes, which can be obtained from disassembling long ropes. A couple of houses or cars will give you more thread than you know what to do with. An alternative is yarn, which can be obtained from felt patches, and those are much quicker to break down than rags are.


Remember when tailoring only the rags need to be clean.


Always check if there’s an anthill near an Lab. It’s both an easy and free way in and out, they also tend to burn all the turret ammo on any floor they end up on.


As far as I remember, solar cars are mostly built on light frames. They will fall apart like paper when you start ramming things with it.
You can, however, make a more durable car run on electricity with relative ease.


A great tip for tailoring: If you scrap something, and get filthy thread, don’t try and use ludicrous amounts of soap or detergent trying to clean it; just unload your needle or kit, and reload that kit with the filthy thread. This will miraculously clean the thread for you.


Dunno if im exploiting but i assemble rags into short ropes amd then disassemble to longstrings, then short strings, then thread. Usually i butcher all the loose sheets in a house to make the rags.

I do this on my “heal days”. Also i play with 91 day seasons and move slowly through the game as i imagine a survivor would.


Probably not, I feel like the time it takes to do that might be just a little less than just disassembling rags, anyways I think my way of cleaning thread might be a bit more of an exploit, but it’s was better than using 458 cleaning solution to clean 600 threads.


Alright this will probably sound silly considering all the stuff I’ve survived and how many late game characters I’ve reached but how the heck do I unfreeze toilet water? Even with 10 tiles of fire surrounded it it wouldn’t bloody thaw!!!


Just set up your brazier next to it and use it to make clean water.


Is there an ammo pouch type item for slings? Apparently I can’t just dump pebbles in an ammo pouch, I also doubt a quiver would work so what’s the proper ammo pouch for sling ammo?