Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


Does weapon weight affect it’s recoil?


recoil is affected by caliber, mods, gun stats itself and user capables


Found out all knives are not equal. Pocket knives and multitools suck for butchering. Check the butchering quality when deciding which knife to bring along! Steak knives are an excellent choice for a hunting expedition!

Discovered tools that have multiple use are great space savers, but not always the best tools for the job. The hachet/multitool combo is pretty awesome if you are just raiding. Saves a ton of space!

Some tools are best left in your base. There is no real use for a pocket knife once you have better options. Beware of tool creep!


If nobody has mentioned yet, and hasn’t seen the quick tips episode: placing burnables in an oven and lighting them on fire won’t set nearby tiles on fire, and you can also grab and move the oven too! (Alternatively you could scavenge the sheet metal from deconstructing the oven, and then create a brazier (don’t forget to place a brazier in the construction tab, rather than just dropping it)).


You can just (a)ctivate a brazier to place it.


I think its Consolas Bold for game interface and whitrabt for overmap fonts


I think its Consolas Bold for game interface


What things actually scale with the season length parameter in world settings? The description says “not much”, but that’s not really helpful.


Construction time does, or atleast can, depending on options selected.


There was a mod somewhere one the discourse that I believe made guns more rare. However I do not remember the name of the mod itself. Can anyone point the way?


Quick tip, you can make alot of tools (at least with makeshift tools mod) in the evac shelter, even the brazier too (needs fab 1 though…) First, tear down a curtain for the heavy stick, then use that stick to smash a locker, then craft the makeshift crowbar (for hammering 1 & house intrusion), afterwards you can craft the makeshift hammer (hammering 2 and fine hammering), then the screwdriver (now you can deconstruct lockers and such for sheet metal, which is used for the brazier), finally you can craft a makeshift knife to butcher the sheets for rags, and use those for getting the knife spear or leveling tailoring with wooden needle from wood splinters. If you want to make the brazier asap but don’t have the fabrication, then just deconstruct furniture around the evac shelter.


Also, using "X’ to peek around corners is a very basic and foundational thing to learn, as it can really help in labs for finding turrets without getting turned into swiss cheese, if you are starting in the labs though, make sure to at least pick up computers one, as it greatly increases your chances of succcesfully hacking even at the first level. However, don’t try to hack unless you know you can get it, or have a quick way to escape the room. Also use "X’ & corresponding with the stairs button to peak up or down a level. Welp, if you read my comment about that whole “use terminals that go to special rooms because they only shock you” that was completely wrong, because my character got mowed down by a security bot right after attempting one of those terminals…


Noob question for Discourse, what are all the commands for stuff? I’d like to at least learn how to blur stuff for spoilers.


press enter it will open menu with commands and verbs


What’s the best way to get rid of ambient radiation, I accidently mutated the “slightly radiotive” perk while trying to heal my character, it’s now removed, but my base is still radioactive. It’ll be hard to move bases as I am on a lab start…


Unfortunately there is no way to remove ambient radiation. Your only option is abandoning the irradiated area unless you want to be irradiated.


Welp, don’t have to worry about that now… sorta had my character die, but thatnks for the information.


Last I checked you needed duct taped to craft the screwdriver, which is by no means a guarantee in the starting shelter.


Ok so a thing that I wasn’t sure was real in fact is. A gun or some other ranged weapon capable of malfunctioning can indeed be damaged by said malfunction.


Its duct tape or wood, (weird thing to choose from though)