Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


acquire survival 2
acquire cooking 1
make fire drill
make stone pot

Food and water done. Fires can be contained with a deep pit, so that stone shovel will come in handy, too. Best way to get storage capacity is to search every bush until you find a canvas sack to make a swag bag. Screwdrivers don’t need duct tape anymore so all your basic tools can be made from forage. Wandering around will generally find shelter fairly quick, how you deal with whatever hazards are around is up to you. Without shelter, sleeping will be hard unless you started out with a rollmat at least.


Pine lean-tos are a decent starting shelter from the elements. You can also build a straw bed now with pine boughs and heavy sticks if you have survival 1.


This is unfortunately true of many aspects of the wiki. I haven’t checked in a while but it used to be just a ton of outdated information.

So . . . Public service announcement. Anyone who feels like contributing, say, by writing a guide, can and should do so.


I seem to have a hard time getting to sleep, I have a down blanket and down pillow and a makeshift bed, besides crafting a better bed what are ways to decrease the time it take to fall asleep?


Any depressant helps. Alcohol, marijuana, cough syrup etc.


Besides those. Seems like I’m missing something else. As it takes like 5 hours from when I lay down and fall asleep.


Sounds like you either took Insomniac or just aren’t waiting until you’re Tired to try and sleep. Based on my own experience with Insomniac, it’s best to just truck on until you’re Dead Tired and recoup the loss with stims in the morning.


No insomniac. I am not waiting till I am tired though. I just hit the hay around midnight. Otherwise my guys sleep schedule is all sorts of scattered.


I have to wait until they’re tired before they’ll sleep. If it’s too early, then I have to take something to get them sleepy. I don’t worry too much about keeping them on a schedule, though.

Not sure if you can train them into a regular schedule, like you can with Project Zomboid.


It’s not much help for you this run but I find the starting trait ‘Sleepy’ is very helpful with keeping a regular sleep cycle, better still it’s a negative trait so it’s a free point in something else.


but I find the starting trait ‘Sleepy’ is very helpful with keeping a regular sleep cycle

I find it utterly debilitating and would get rid of it asap as a neg mutation if I ever got one and didn’t have infinite stock of atomic coffee. I played with it once and my character could go on about 6h after sleep before turning dead tired (-5 speed penalty, -1 str and ~doubled crafting time is a no go).


I’ve never had problems like that before, I take it on pretty much all characters now. Has it changed since you tried it?


There are some activities that will rapidly make you tired. Chopping trees, cutting logs into planks, and especially digging will do that. Probably more I’m forgetting.
When Michael Kincaid (my wilderness guy, I think I’ve written about him) was having trouble getting to sleep, I’d have him go down and dig a couple more tiles out of his cellar, and he’d be worn out and ready to sleep.

So basically add a bit of strenuous activity to your day and the problem may resolve itself.


There’s your problem. Falling asleep without the Tired status takes ages.

Honestly, you should make a schedule depending on how much light you can use at night.

  • No light, scavenging ( if you’re brave enough ), disassembling furniture, digging pits, working on your vehicle, anything that doesn’t need light? Do it then.
  • Have a fancy fireplace and more wood you know what to do with? Craft and read away.
  • Or something in the middle? Use a cheap lantern like an electric or gasoline one and do the most pressing tasks ( gear maintenance, cooking in case you need it, etc. )

You can forget about keeping a normal sleep schedule. This isn’t gonna happen.


How can you get rid of liquids spilled on the ground? Not blood or bile, but item kind liquids, like ammonia. I’ve spilled it all over my backyard just because I needed a jug, but have been regretting it ever since. It is a terrible eyesore.
Can I just smash it into the ground with enough vigour?


Mops, my friend. You can craft them yourself pretty easily, even at Fab 0.


Is it really that easy? Thank you!


Today I realized that if I’m lacking a loot-mobile, then I can always just grab a trashcan, or other grab-able furniture, and move a pile of stuff back to base with that.


Unlike what one would assume. Starting a fire in a metal sink will actually ignite the building on fire. Don’t make this mistake. :wink:


Mark firewood location and mark practice target can also be useful for marking points of interest.

This is me marking my safe route up and down in a lab, as you can see it still shows up in map memory when out of sight.