Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


With a screwdriver, you can remove clocks from cars which turn them into wrist watches.

You can’t open doors remotely, as far as I know.


Ok, thanks !
So some recipe are “auto-learned” but only at character creation, that’s good to know.


The only way I can feasibly imagine doing a remote control garage is if the door is a vehicle.

So 1 tile wide vehicle X tiles long ( however long you need it to be ) with quarterpanels ( or heavy duty + armor depending on zeds in the area ) which can be remote controlled. So you would stop your vehicle, remote control the “Door” then drive in.

No idea if saving a couple a couple of seconds is worth making a separate vehicle for it, no matter how simple it is.


I’m pretty sure if the “door” was a vehicle you would hit the frames as soon as you tried to drive through with another vehicle.


I know about getting clocks from vehicles. Was just considering other ways to tell the time and was curious.


What I meant by that is that the door would be in front of the building, so you could drive it forward to “open” and backwards to “close”.



This is what I meant. X is walls, _ is floor, D is the Door Vehicle.


I built one of those for a base built in a big, perfectly-positioned house whose garage door was sadly stuck open. It worked like a charm, actually.


You could cover the top of the thing with solar panels, and install batteries in it. I’m intrigued by the possibilities, might try it myself. It makes some of those open air garages suddenly more useful – the part of town I want to move my base to has several of those.


Seems the torsion ratchet bionic causes stamina loss? It is such a drastic loss too. I only gain around 50 power before I’m huffing and puffing, I am not over burdened and I am not negative in health or hungry or fighting…

Also, I holed up in a boat rental and there are two kayaks, they have paddles but wont work saying they don’t have enough wheels for the engines…


Haven’t noticed any stamina loss personally, though my experimental is a month old or so.

As for boats, I can’t help you too much. I only got a chance to use a boat recently, it was quite fun actually, unfortunately you might get Ninja attacked by a Shocker Zombie from underwater though. ( How do zombies do that anyway? )

It was a boat I found next to a Seaside Cottage, or something of that sort. My only idea is that you might need to attack more hulls to the boat.


It ws a recent change, there was some discussion on github about the JTR being a “free energy” device that generated ridiculous amounts of power for nothing. It was set to use a fair bit of stamina for the power you get from it. (Maybe the stamina cost should be dialed back a bit?)


Why would JTR exactly affect stamina? The only thing I can think of is slightly increase your character weight, but from what I hear it’s quite a drain.


Because it’s how physics work. You can’t get energy from nothing, and you need to put in energy first.


On one hand, that makes some sense, but on the other hand, isn’t the energy that you’re putting in the movement of your leg?


It is, but normally all energy is used to move your leg. If you want to move your leg AND charge the battery, you need to put in more energy.


Stamina cost for it is very high. If there was that much resistance in them that they exhaust you after walking a few blocks no one in reality wod use them.


I finally found the JTR today. Yup, it consumes a lot of stamina now. I think it should be toned down, because now I don’ see a reason to use it while I also have Metabolic Interchange.


Just to clarify: can you now switch off JTR to stop both the power generation and stamina drain?


Yes, you can do that.


Question for all: What’s your plan of attack for when you are stranded in a remote location in the very early game? Fresh character, no idea where the closest town is, all I have is food and water from the surrounding forest.

It’s been awhile since I’ve played and there have been many changes and updates. As such, I feel the “Wilderness Start” guide found on the wiki could be expanded upon a fair bit. TIA.