Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


So, after about 3 or even 4 years since the first time I played Cata, I have finally made it into the lab, Yay for me. So I was rather excited, and I’m glad labs are so big. It’s fun exploring them.

But as I have discovered mutagen, bionics and other stuff that I really never really had a chance to play with, there’s a few questions I have.

Mutagen, I’m specifically thinking of going for Alpha for the overall basic but powerful bonuses, and Medical because it’s Medical.

  • WIll it be difficult to get most of the positive mutations from both of those categories before breaking a threshold in one of them?
  • Which one is better post-threshold wise? I do have Robust Genetics on my char.


  • So, I’ve already found an autodoc and installed a single Power Storage mk II, and it’s apparently impossible to craft Power Storages now. Is it at least possible to upgrade PS to their mk II variants?
  • How about anestesia, can you craft it?
  • Do surgeons require you to have anestesia too?

Shoggoths. I freed one because I remembered reading they are ridiculously hard to kill. Because I didn’t know they absorb stuff and even split when absored enough, I have at least 2 now. Three if the second one absorbed the arrows I’ve shot at it. I was wondering how to kill it, since I’m absolutely not leaving the lab until they are dead.

My Archery is 10, Marksmanship is 8, my Unarmed is 6, and Melee is 5. Nothing else is substantial. I cannot try to kill it with my fists since my character has only 2 Dodge and its attacks hurt but I have full Heavy Survival gear on. The arrows do better, about 35-40 per each, thing is I cannot whittle it down when it’s coming for me and moving away will give it time to regen. So my idea was to try bear traps ( and traps in general ) to slow/help whittle it down, but I’m not sure if they work on Shoggoths.

Basically, I should be able to kill it if it’s slowed enough and far away from me, with maybe a little outside DPS.


I think medical is much stronger post threshold. Acid blood, immunity to everything, and health for days. Especially if you can manage to get regeneration. My favorite characters have all been deep in that tree because honestly it’s hard to ignore the benefits of being punched through a brick house and still being able to keep on trucking at basically 100%


Tfw you get the super masochist trait but have deadened (or vice versa) :frowning:


I have an Alpha mutant, and I used some Medical and some… I think it was Troglobite to get him Regeneration before I started the Alpha tree. (Actually that was the second time I started Alpha) Most of the negatives from Troglobite are canceled by the positives in Alpha and Alpha’s worst trait is Disintegration. If that comes up (possible even with Robust Genetics) then instead of just getting it, you move one step away from Regeneration. The idea behind my strategy was that you should be able to finish the Alpha and still have at least normal healing.

Shoggoths seem to have gotten easier of late. Rob Keys, the aforementioned Alpha mutant, just melee’d one to death with his two companions in a recent experimental, but a source of stunning is absolutely vital to melee those things and live. I’d suggest a big roaring fire, maybe toss a molotov into the room it’s in and hope for the best.
Otherwise lure it into a small empty room and shut the door. One with blob traps might even be able to turn Shoggoths into a harmless blob, but I haven’t tried. It works on everything else I’ve tried, however.


Here’s a tip, don’t run out of a long moving vehicle, you’ll probably run yourself over.


Well, an update of sorts:

First of all, I decided to train my skills a bit. Shooting with arrows just wouldn’t work, and since I’ve already made a Nodachi and had an anthill ( two even ) nearby decided to pay the ants a visit and slaugher two thousand of their workers, soldiers and children spar with them to raise my skills. Things were fine and dandy and with newfound confidence, I came back to my eldritch friends.

First of all, before this training I tried to use bear traps on the Shoggoths, the problem was they multiplied to at least 5 when I came back and even if I somehow could bow one to death, four at once was too much.

So I return to the lab, come to the Shoggoth level, brandish my fists ( yes, despite already making a Nodachi I mostly trained unarmed and dodge ) I arrived at the room. I wait for one to approach and boom!

Massive critical hit for 2 damage.

Well, shit. I didn’t know they had insane bash damage resistance.

So I slowly retreat, sending them reeling backwards.

Now that I think about it, running through a room full of Fungaloid corpses wasn’t the smartest idea. The last thing I saw before seriously running away was about 20-30 Shoggoths rushing me.

At least I already finished the lab, but I’ll be damned if I let those things disrespect me like this.

I’ll be back for round… five? I guess. I will take them down.

On the upside, I did some bionic enhancement. Installed 4 mk II Power Storages, Internal Furnace, Cranial Flashlight and the Titanium Enhancement which lets you carry more weight, it helped a ton since I’m running an 8/8/8/8 survivor. I have some other useful CBMs but sadly not enough skills to install them. 2 lab libraries and a school, yet those darned electonics books are so darned rare.


Fire is your only hope at this point, IMO. Get a flamethrower and fill it with napalm.


How to change your in game screen’s color to grey, like this ?


Fighting a horde of Shoggoths is a hopeless cause. But if you insist that you must, you will need heavy firepower. Something along the lines of a couple dozen LAWs or a mininuke launcher might help you out as long as you don’t die in the explosions.


Bruh that font and background are beautiful. I routinely change fonts, but I would love that color palette.


Play ASCII in a terminal, set your own colors.

I don’t recognize the font. It kinda reminds me of Fantasque, but some of the glyphs are different.


Can i make something usefull from nuclear waste?


I do not think so. However, you could probably drink it ( assuming it’s a liquid and you have radiation mutation “on” ) to mutate. If you have Robust Genetics and you have a relatively young character it might be worth a try to get some useful mutations, and eventually just purifier them away later on.