Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


Possibly. I’m not sure, haven’t had to change a track yet.

I had an idea for building a sort of mobile garage frame that you could drive a vehicle into. It would have a stabilized portal for storing vehicle parts, welding rig, and plenty of strategically placed cranes/lifting equipment so you don’t have to move/remove them or have a bunch of carts lying around that need to be repositioned or stowed away. Like this:


C= crane, - = blank space, F = frame, P= Portal storage, W =welding rig


How do I make a travois?


I love crafting utility veichles, last time I’ve converted a Armored Personel Carrier into a spy car filled w security cameras.

Great for looting cities and banks, not so great in terms of energy comsumption, it chewed throught a storage battery in matter of hours! But the zombies always spotted me between the gaps whenever I turned the veichle.

I wonder if one day the zombies won’t be able to spot you whenever you turn…


There’s an effort going to write the code to plug the gaps when your vehicle turns, but it’s not exactly easy.


NM Its a short rope and a wood frame.


I’m really glad that you guys use your spare time to keep the game living and the community is always helping w some fixes here and there.

Cataclysm is a great game and I hope it remais like this for a long time


My tank has an enclosed opaque cockpit section made of boards at the center of the vehicle to prevent me being seen.


I was thinking about something similar for my veichle, but I had like 5 NPCs with me so it wouldn’t work as expected



Is it possible to create some sort of veichle garage for smaller veichles? Like 2x2 or something? It could have a ramp frame and an internal garage so I’ll never miss my survivor’s shopping cart.


As long as its single tile wide you can make some things foldable. I used to tote around a 1x2 folding cart with a telescoping boom and shopping basket, on 2 sets of casters.


So, lets say I just found roughly a hundred NPC survivors in an apartment complex (not all shown here), and wanted to arm/clothe all of them once I get them back to base. I have the equipment, ammo and weapons to do this…but is there a FAST way of doing it, or am I going to have to walk up to every one of these guys and issue them their gear personally?

Is there an outfitting menu somewhere I could use, or maybe a menu option where I can tell everyone to go draw an allotment of equipment of certain parameters from storage or something?


Well, there’s bike racks, and there’s nothing keeping you from designing a vehicle like this:


and inserting a bike in between the two trailing board sections and then racking it. It’s not perfect, but it’s possible.

I don’t intend to provide support for bike racks that can rack vehicles more than 1 tile wide, for various reasons involving the code being really complicated. Someone else is welcome to give it a try, though.

Some day, I plan to add support for flatbed carriers. However, that’s also going to be really hard for so many reasons, and I have to rewrite parts of the vehicle collision code first. I do plan to start work on the collision code rewrite Real Soon Now, but it’s still going to be a while.


How to install trunk into my vehicle??


Get a frame, a charged welder, something with glare protection 2+, and a vehicle with a bare frame in one tile. e’x’amine the vehicle, bring up the vehicle interaction menu, use the arrow keys to move over to the bare tile, and hit ‘i’ to install a part. You should get the choice to install the frame as a trunk.


What’s a fast way to organize around 3,000 or 4,000 volume worth of gear I have stored in a luxury RV (note: lots of the random RV stuff was replaced with cargo carriers)?

I know about the / and the TAB keys to help with sorting, I just want to be able to haul everything out and then set up a “perishable food” spot, “non-perishable food”, “construction materials”, “weapons/ammo”, etc etc.

For this purpose I have near-endless welder/battery power and can sort my gear in safety (my base is a mansion w/ pool surrounded by woods). I can get almost any needed vehicle parts. I just want to have an organized loot car without spending 4 or 5 real-life hours doing it!


You should check out the “Y” and “O” menus, for automagic item sorting. There’s a cataclysm university video about it on YouTube as well I believe


I find the fastest way to get all my loot out of the vehicle is to go outside it and remove the storage component from the vehicle wherever you want its contents, then reinstall it. Your loot will be deposited on the floor wherever you are standing. Then just use the advanced inventory management to sort everything and drag the piles where you want.


Ooh, clever. That’s better and much faster than what I do, which is rip the wall out and use advanced inventory management to dump it on the floor.


You’re welcome. I used to do the same thing until I accidentally removed a storage space instead of a wall and realized how I could abuse that item placement mechanic.


Have you tried using the advanced inventory inside the veichle and drop all of your stuff on the floor, then drive a few tiles away?