Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

I know some people have a greater need for order than others. Personally I want my code neat, but don’t care that much about most other things.

Building with mi-go resin (as it’s called) is present in the construction menu, so you can do it yourself, and it’s one of the easiest to do, with few tool requirements and the fastest construction type there is.

I’ve never engaged a triffid heart, as the one I’ve encountered was beside a road, and I just passed through, mowing down the triffids that were in the way (and the same on the way back). I considered it, but decided that it was a bit late in the day for a fight against them, and so left them for another day, should I pass that way again.

I killed a triffid heart once (like a year ago on experimental version), it did nothing to other triffids on the surface, they were still active, hostile and in ever increasing numbers. Killing heart was absolutely pointless, there was no reward for that.

Aren’t triffids a source of vegetable somethings? A source of food. I’d farm them if that’s the case.

Have plenty of food. Literally near like… 3 ant-hills. Only issue is that two of them are acid anthills, but the closest is of course, the normal ants, which between that, and the insanely ludicrous amount of booze I found in a town… that spawned with felt like (and is) a stupid amount of booze basements, and bars. I have enough kegs and the like of booze to last for… quite a long while. And of course, I have a rather easy and fast source of obtaining water, basically able to fill a few 200L containers and then go on a ant hunt right afterwards, then turning it into dehydrated meat, since that same water source also happens to be a salt water source, so… between the endless amounts of salt, water, and meat, I’m pretty set.

I hate Triffids to a point that I basically go out of my way to OVER-OVERKILL them. It’s like ‘Oh… a Triffid Grove. Time to go get the flamer… the… HEAVY flamer. And a handy ANFO charge or two, and some tear gas nades, maybe bring an M2010 FLASH with 16 rockets, JUUUUUUST TO MAKE SURE THAT HEART DIES’ then proceed to murder everything, human or not, in a 12 mile radius, because FUCK TRIFFIDS. (God forbid I have to deal with one that also happens to be near a Fungal Tower. That shouldn’t be allowed to happen with mapgen. But… mapgen can be QUITE DUMB.). Nuke it, nuke it, nuke it again, and then proceed to literally cover the place with enough C4, Pesticide, and Fungicide, that the place is void of any life.

I have… a rather… unhealthy amount of rags, leather, kevlar, plastic, etc… except chitin, and nomex. Need more nomex. So thread I have a huge abundance of. Kevlar I have so much of that, currently, all my Npc’s are rocking full Survivor Gear… and also all (permitting) of it is further modified with more kevlar. And they all have an ESAPI vest… (full durability.)

I DESPISE Triffids to what would be… roughly the equivalent of Doom Guy’s hate for Demons/Hellspawn. And THAT says something. Shame there isn’t a Fallout NV Quicksave and Quickload… cuz I’d abuse that just to kill Triffids forever. (I promise I’m not psychotic. <3. I really do truly have a rather unhealthy hate towards Triffids. Though for… a somewhat valid reason or a few.)

Fungus isn’t THAT bad. More of a War of ‘do you have enough Fungicide, Boolets, and other supplies than they do Units.’ And they’re not, in my experience, as hard to combat as Triffids, tho tbh, by the time I usually run into Fungal Towers, I usually have enough Fungicide and ammo (and other means of dealing with them.) to kill them pretty much outright, as I will home in once they show on the map (overmap. I do a lot of scouting via high buildings with binos. Huge help for discovering things.) and purge the place clean of contamination. One of my favorite ways is to just aggro a bunch of robits, and drag them there. Or you know… make a bunch of ‘hacks’ from all the inactive ones I looted, plus a couple or so ‘Town Cleanser’ vehicles with a crapload of turrets and just let them deal with the spores and the like, while I go to town on everything else. Big fan of the robit method tho. Especially if you find a Chicken Walker. That’s a fun time.

a somewhat valid reason or a few.

What is/are they?

Shame there isn’t a Fallout NV Quicksave and Quickload

Nothing stops you from saving the save game directory… :slight_smile: Can also send SIGKILL to cataclysm and reload from last save.


One of course is how bloody aggrevating the creeper clusters are. I literally, on my first or second Triifid Grove run in, idr which, had a room with 3 clusters… literally all adjacent to each other. To give you an idea, I went down in the grove after clearing the immediate area before going in, took 2 steps to the right, and 3 steps down. First room had 3 of them all together and already flooding the room and hallways with vines. I spent the better half of what was 30 minutes, just cutting my way towards them. Reason it took so long was because I had limited flamethrower, and was saving it for the Heart, and also had to keep healing up, as I kept eating a lot of damage since all the vines ADJACENT TO YOU, can hit you. I’d break one vine part, and the literal instance I’d break it/kill it, it’d be immediately replaced with another. I couldn’t shoot the clusters either, as I did not have an angle to hit them. After killing the the first one, I noticed that the room connected to it, was also… occupied by another 2 clusters. So I had 5 clusters all grouped up, within the first two rooms. Had to back up after killing those, go heal and mend everything back and reinforce it, and then head back down. A literal gauntlet battle, just within the first two rooms. Finally get to the second floor underground. Less problematic, but, I had a new matter to deal with… I noticed I no longer had strong painkillers. My character also had really unlucky dodge rolls… despite having a rather… decent dodge. The effective was like… 14 or 15. So pretty good, considering. Was wearing full survivor with a MBR? Vest atop that too, so I was surprised I was eating so much damage.

Fast forward to the Heart. After getting to it and chucking the two tear gas nades I had kept for it (I only had the two. Never found more.) I break out the flamethrower and just start burning the place. Get it rather low before my leg is broken, as I had not noticed it spawned Triffids to help it out. (Had a few come behind me, from the stairs/ramp). Thing dies, and now I’m fighting for dear life with a busted leg, and the place burning around me. Finally get outta there. I straight book for my vehicle and dip… hobbling my ass away. Finally thought I was in the clear, when UH OH, Triffid Queen spawns a damn forest and causes my engine to basically become unuseable. And I’m hurt to shit. Car has not only a blown out engine, but my battery is also leaking, while my car is stuck due to the forest it got hit by, due to said Triffid Queen. Eventually, with my character busted up like they had gone for a ringer or two at Fight Club, tired, arms near broken, leg in a splint, and torso and head not necessarily in critical, but definitely in the light red, so I’m pretty fucked up. I ditch the car for the time being, heading back to base in order to recuperate. Next day or two, after going through a hell of a fight, I gear back up, and take one of my ‘taxi’ vehicles, case I have to ditch a ride and come back to it at a later time, I notice a few things. My car has a large amount of triffids around it, AND, its outta juice, seeing as the headlights are now OFF. So after clearing it, and mending it back, then heading home to pickup a spare battery and a thing of gas, and culling each tree, bush, etc, out of the way, I make my way home again.

A; Unlucky creeper cluster spawns are a BIIIIITCH to deal with. B; Heart is not easy to kill, and can really, royally screw you over REALLY quick. C; Triffid Queens are a menace due to them being able to spawn a crapload of trees, bushes, etc, around them… and if you’re unlocky, your car is gonna get a nasty surprise.

Lastly, THEY GO SO FAR FROM THE HEART OVERMAP TILE. Like… I think it was… at THE VERY LEAST, 8 tiles, in either compass direction, in a giant square. And I had to cull… everything… literally… everything… in that MASSIVE ass square… I trenched it… after clearing what I was certain was all the Triffids, and then burnt that place to Hell. Razed it, then for good measure, NUKED it since I had a keycard to spare, and had noticed that a Nuke Silo was JUUUST on the edge of my map.

Case in point; Fuck them Triffids. Oh, and not to mention… the ‘ParaSting’ move some of them have. Hope you have anti-parasitic drugs… or royal jelly. Sure, they can’t see at all, but they can hear just fine. Oh, and my third run in, with another character… I learned you can be trapped… in the room… with the Triffid Heart, as it ‘closes the walls’ leading out or in. Jackhammers are a very useful thing to have… because my character didn’t have one… and uh… she died… via burning and being crushed to death. And the Groves are VERY CQC.

Also…. SIGKILL? Drawing a blank… wuzzat?

Wow. That’s quite a situation. Normally I skirt around triffids, but one time started a character in wilderness start and was dropped literally by a triffid grove. I hadn’t even gone half an overmap tile when I saw a triffid queen chasing me.

I saw on the overmap the edge of a smallish town so began leading the triffid queen & her followers toward it. Screaming & smashing on anything on the street, zombies came pouring out of every direction. I kicked it up to a run, doubled back toward the triffids and led the two groups into each other. I took several hits weaving my way out of the crowd, but got far enough away I could sit back & watch a Plants vs Zombies match unfold before me.

By the end the zombies won but not before the queen & followers almost the whole town’s zombie population. By then I scrounged a rifle & was able to finish off the last few zombies. After that, I vowed to give triffids a really wide berth & keep moving if I see any in any area I’m exploring.

Thou now understand my hate for Triffids. And why I MUST PURGE THEM WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!. No Triffid… not even 1, in my world, must survive. They must ALL DIE! Fungus, depends. Mostly I just deal with it, since at that point I’m probably packing enough fungacide to clear any fungal crud in the area. Very rarely do I make a Mycus/Marloss character. So they aren’t THAT problematic for me.

Hell, sometimes I’ll not find a fungal tower until AFTER I probably have repaired and have supplies for, or found and supplied a bloody TANK… and just dump shells at the tower like I’m throwing pigskins over mountains. Just any type of round… minus FIRE (Fungal are resistant to fire.) ones, it goes down range. And… you know… have a couple automatic laser turrets on it, cuz why not. Couldn’t hurt.

SIGKILL = Signal to kill, i.e. kill the program, e.g. from the task manager in Windoze or the “X” icon if playing in windowed mode (I’m not sure if the icon doesn’t sometimes intercept the signal to bring up a dialog, though). If you use a different OS you can do the same thing using their corresponding methods (“kill -9” I think for Unix look alikes).
I’ve certainly killed CDDA many a time to save scum. I’ve also disabled auto saves and save manually to ensure the save point is where I want it.

Mounts where effectively buffed with the introduction of the weariness system. This is becease if you walk normally not only is it slower than with a mount but your activity level is moderate but on a mount it is none. This comes with the additional benefit of being able to effectively out walk any zombie on a mount with the exept the garghoul.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to when mentioning the weariness system, and so can’t determine whether my experience (0.E2 stable) is prior to that or not. It might be the rework of weariness that apparently caused almost all activities to be “medium” (everyone knows how physically exhausting doing home work and cooking is!).
If that’s the change, then it’s after I tried riding (standard un-mutated character with STR 9, so it’s neither a giant nor a strong character). It looked like a horse could carry about 100 kg or so, which might have the niche use of scouting when there isn’t any risk of getting into a fight (although a ranged weapon and ammo might be possibly to carry, unless the weapon is a staff sling, as rocks are heavy).

newsflash: it does exactly nothing in experimental
well, except being used in one food recipe but who cares

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Sounds like you had some fun time with the Triffids. I found a triffid grove in a forest, but it’s too far to bump into it (spotted with binoculars and autonotes). It’s out of the way and even if I drive down the road, I doubt it’ll get loaded into the reality bubble.

Can someone explain what’s up with bandaging quality? What makes up the difference between Base bandaging quality and Actual bandaging quality? Is it my skill level?

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The higher your skill in health care, the higher actual quality ends up being.


Good day to everyone.

Is there some way to see what had been changed in experimental builds except diving in each commit on Git ?
Previously I visited ( ) , where was summary of changes, but it seems that it stopped working.

I’m not very familiar with git so maybe there are some solution but I have no clue where to find it.

Thanks !

The answer to your question, AFAIK, is currently a big no.
Eh, it gives about as much info as you used to get from Jenkins.

also if not in research facilities, the research facilities always have science labs under them.

quick question, have mutations and bionics become mutually exclusive over the last year? I have a couple of bionics and the mutagen ive found so far hasnt been doing anything