Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


So is dissector (found in lab rooms) actually of any use for dissecting corpses?


Find a brazier, put it in a building, fill it up with corpses and light 'em up.


Last time I did that the mall burned down


Did you 'a’ctivate the brazier or did you just drop it on the same tile as the corpses?


Activate, I think some zombie might have knocked it down or something. Because I know that fire is not supposed to spread from it.


Seems the old trick to make a rag rope and then tear it apart for thread no longer works I just get rags back, so what the easy way for a wilderness char to get thread?


Plant fiber maybe?


Growing Marijuana = Hundreds of plant fiber


Oh yea forgot about plant fiber.

As for growing anything, its a new char, thats a month or two away.


Find marijuana plants somewhere like a dispensary or a basement, It happened to me.


Same here, except I’m out in the wild…

Got a tip here, if you are trying to haul a ton of rags and have no string to bundle them up turn them into short ropes. it takes time but it drastically lowers their volume and weight.


Guys do you know how to make “trunk” for my vehicle? I remove trunk from car i found,but when removing complete it turn into steel frame…and why i cant install minireactor???



Ok they were definately obsolite mods that I didnt even need anyways.

Hey people !

So, I have just installed cdda using the cdda launcher and I’m trying to create world for the second time ever. I tried this once a year ago or so but didnt have the patience to learn the game. Anyways, now Im giving it another go, but I have already hit a problem on world creation.

I have loads of mods showing as installed on the cdda launcher but they are not showing on the world creation mod list ingame. I have restarted both multiple times, and forced updates on the game on the launcher. I am out of ideas now.

What am I doing wrong ?


So I found a portal generator in a random house infested with giant wasps. Anything this thing can be used for currently (or coming soon) other than the stabilied portal storage? These things are pretty rare so if there is going to be a use for them soon, I don’t really need the storage space.


You still can disassemble rags into thread, but it takes about an hour or so.


Portal generators aren’t really useful for anything aside from getting infinite storage space via the stablised portal (requires Blazemod to be active). If you use the Arcana mod you can convert it into essence, although you likely won’t have deficit of it by the time you get your hands on a portal generator anyway. And in vanilla you can always use it to summon a portal near your base if you are bored/love fighting extradimensional horrors/really want to get swarmed by angry shoggoths :slightly_smiling_face:


When I want thread I go and either break some windows for long strings, or cut some seat belts for short ropes. They both eventually disassemble into thread, and do it far more efficiently than rags


Yeah I’m using that. I was hoping there might be another use for it available now though, or one coming soon.

No thank you, I’d rather have nuclear waste in my backyard than a reality tear.


Does anybody know if you can use multiple lifting tools together? Like if I had a really heavy tank for example, and needed to change the treads, could I use multiple lifting booms or something arranged next to it to get the total weight capacity required?


No, they don’t stack

Is the Z-1 Abrams that heavy?