Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


Very helpful Kadian, thanks!


Try to play as military recruit. It helps a lot in the beginning (nice outfit and rifle).
Problem is you start in crashed air vessel wounded and sometimes surrounded by soldiers or pilots but it’s not a big disadvantage.
At the begining try to set a camp in a remote locations (farm, cabin, gas station, etc.) far from cities and take slow.
Gather some basic materials, secure some water and food, craft basic weapons, raise few skills like cooking, fabrication or survival.
In fight remember to take off backpack or other stuff which encumbers you. You will attack faster and dodge effectively. Take a look also at movement cost of tiles and draw enemies to that tiles (windows, cars, bushes, shallow water, etc.). Enemy won’t have so much attack as in normal conditions.
And once again - take it slow.


I have a question connected with facion camps. Where are plants (wild vegetables etc) collected by foragers? I can’t find them… Corpses of animals which were killed by the hunter and trappers are available for me. It’s confusing


They should appear at your feet when you recover the companion from the foraging mission.


I was wondering the same thing, I realized the tile I was standing on was full up, and they were falling under the feet of the camp manager


Plants aren’t at my feet nor under the feet of the camp manager. I can’t find them… Survival skill of the foragers is quite bad (5). Is it the cause of this problem? BTW- how many plants can they forage? I would spawn wild vegetables via debug menu. In this case it’s fair despite the fact that it’s cheating


You have retrieved the forager correct? They just keep foraging forever until you call them back I think.


Of course. I think that it may be caused by bug or by changing base temperature in “regional map settings” json. It’s a late spring now and the temperature is quite warm (28-30 celcius). But nevermind. I just need to know how many plants can they forage per each hour. Thanks for your help


They make 4 checks per hour, and succeed if their skill is greater than a random number between 0 and 15.

Foraging and gathering is probably too hard at this point but I’m not entirely sure what the balance point should be. Survival 5 is pretty high and should be more successful.


Question, I started playing about 2 weeks ago. Made several runs, a few that lasted 50+ days but nothing really past that. Getting ready to go Super-Sweat Mode and try for at least 2 seasons :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. A few things have popped into my mind as questions though.


  1. How does late game work. What happens and what are the basic steps to get there.
  2. Whats a decent set-up character wise that gets you ^. And what is “Construction Scaling”?
  3. Good food sources? I’ve been farming Giants Ants for meat.
  4. General Tips and Tricks any and all are welcome


Late game starts basically when you have a strong survivor with decent armor, a big pile of food and meds and either a safe base or a deathmobile. From there, you can do pretty much whatever you want, since cdda is a sandbox roguelike, there are no fixed objectives. Clear cities of the undead, build a new city for your followers, or basically anything else you want.

that’s 2 questions! :stuck_out_tongue: There is no ‘decent set-up’ to reach lategame. Every setup works, and it depends on your playstyle. If you want to minmax stuff, go for a strength build and preferably melee weapons or bows, since those are silent and it’s easier to get more melee weapons or arrows in case stuff breaks.
Construction Scaling is a percentage the game multiplies to the time necessary to build stuff. For example, if your normal build time is 1 hour, putting the construction scaling to 200 raises the build time to 2 hours. If it’s 50 it halves the time necessary to build something. Not sure why you’d ask this, it’s explained in the world options.

Depends, Deathmobile or stationary Home? Ants are an easy way to get meat. Fishing can be quite good as well, as long as you do it at a river. Bee hives work well too and can give you honeycombs and royal jelly, which is useful. If you have a stationary base somewhere, put a farm there, for potatoes and pumpkins - those are, in my experience, reasonably good. You’d also want to grow Wheat and tomatoes, for bread and fancier recipes.


One classic I enjoy (that also gets you loads of plant fiber, but may take a lot of time.) is harvesting loads of cattails, making starch, and cooking the cattail stocks and then making flatbread (or regular bread if you have a good supply of yeast. Wastebread if you want to minmax.) and then use the bread and cooked cattails to make veggie sandwiches, which give an even better morale boost while cold.

This basically allows you to get tons of flour and keep yourself fed fairly efficiently. And since you’re right by a swamp you can make a ton of the flour into hardtack for later usage, and easily turn anything you hunt into jerky. If you don’t care about the plant fiber as much you can also turn the cattail stalks into starch and then flour.


How do you get floodlights to work on vehicles? I’m trying to make a foot-powered lighting rig in my basement. I put down a frame with a seat and pedals, then attached a motorcycle alternator and a battery. Seems to work just fine. But then in an adjacent tile I installed a second frame with a floodlight, and I don’t seem to have any way to control the floodlight. It won’t turn on. The battery is fully charged. Is there something else I need to do to connect the light to the battery?


You need electronic controls or a dashboard. Install them and press ^ while standing on/near them and you’ll get the option to turn them on.


If I pile corpses in a vehicle tile with a roof will it burn under the rain without burning the vehicle ?


I think the vehicle will still get damaged. Not sure about the roof effecting how rain interacts with fire. I’ve never tried it.


Aha, thanks a lot! dashboard + controls did the trick. Now to load it up with batteries and maybe swap out the pedals for an engine if it gets to be too much work :stuck_out_tongue:


So turns out that you can’t put fire to something inside a trunk.
Now the question is : how do I get rid of loads of corpses under rainy weather ?


Dig a deep pit, it’s what I do.


You could always seal them up in a crate and burn the whole thing later.