Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


I don’t think you can disassemble walls or floors. Your best bet is probably C4, or something even stronger.

As for fortresses, your best bet in town is a fire station. They have brick walls (stronger than most), metal doors (VERY strong) and a garage space with a garage door. Get one with intact winches and get some lights, maybe some defenses, installed and you’ll be pretty damn well off.

You could also consider a military bunker or science lab. Bunkers are nigh-impenetrable but don’t have much space on the surface (plenty underground). Labs are a bit bigger on the surface and if you’re lucky and get an icey one you’ll be comfortable through summer and can store stuff underground to keep it permanently frozen. They’re not quite as tough as bunkers but are still going to handle pretty much anything that can get thrown at them.
That said, neither have garage space so until you have some defenses on your vehicle you may want to hold off on them.


I’m pretty happy with the cathedral I’m living out of now. Just far enough out of town that it’s generally safe, good walls, tons of space… Surrounded by fields for farming as well. Even right next to a river for all the water I need. No vehicle yet anyway, just a bike. :smile: I’m sure I’ll progress before too long, but I’m having fun with it right now.


You can jackhammer walls (or concrete ones at least) then cut the rebar grating with a hacksaw. Though I do remember getting to the back of a gun shop through its bathroom wall.


Roofs and floors are part and parcel. Want a tile to be a tile of floor? Construct a roof. Doesn’t make much sense to me why that is, but I’m sure there’s some reason to do with coding or any of that arcane gibberish that is plainly beyond me.


Dang, the construction system is really wonky. I just built two walls one space apart and tried to put a roof/floor on the tile between them and it just says “you can’t build there”. All the requirements are green, and the tile is supported on two sides by the wood walls… Any idea what’s wrong this time?

EDIT: Ah, nevermind, I just realized my walls are “half-built” and need another construction phase. That’s probably it.


Is there stuff in the tile? Tile has to be empty.


As I wrote in the edit to my last post, the problem was that the walls weren’t fully built. I hadn’t realized I need to build them twice to finish them. With two finished walls, the floor/roof tile builds normally.


But in game tin cans are made of both tin and steel. You can apparently use an electrolysis kit to get the tin from a tin can.

Tin plates and pewter bowls are also sources of tin.


How do you tan a raw pelt?


Use the crafting menu to first cure it and then tan it. Once you craft the tanning leather hide/fur pelt you need to activate it and wait ~ a couple of days for it to become ready. If you don’t have your survival at 3 and cooking at 2 you won’t have the recipe for tanning.


Thanks! I didn’t think to search for “cure” in the crafting menu.


Hm… I know the wiki is out of date, but what’s the deal with farming now? How long do I have to wait to plant seeds? I’m on day 34 and it still says it’s too cold to plant anything. I wish I could find a thermometer, but no luck yet. Wiki says you can do it within the first few days of play, but even in the afternoon, it’s apparently too cold.


If you’re very particular you can get in an early planting on one of the hotter times of the day in the 30s. Otherwise I’ve found reliable first plantings to be in the late 40s or 50s.

Talking spring days here, not temperatures as I rarely have a thermometer during my first planting. Though funnily enough that would probably work temp-wise too for Fahrenheit.


Default season length was upped to 90 days at some point. The wiki article sounds like it was written when the default length was much shorter


Don’t take the wiki as gospel. The wiki even says on the front page that it’s probably going to be out-of-date with the experimentals. General rule of thumb for planting is halfway through spring, whatever your seasons are set to. If you either have a thermometer or just have the patience to try every half hour or so, you can usually squeeze some planting in a few days before mid-spring, like I did.


So I’m trying static NPC quests for the first time. And they tell me they’ve sent two of their best to set up an outpost.

“Great, where are they building it?”

“Yonder there, South East of the big crossroads. You know the area?”

“What, out on the fungus plains? That seems a rather odd choice don’t you think? Ever notice these two eating odd berries when they were here?”

“Well now that you mention it…”


How exactly is that a Question…?

Are you asking why they’d decide to build down >there< ?

MapGen decided to put a big Ranch down there, that’s basically the reason. The Outpost is always built on a Ranch, doesn’t matter whats around it either, you could have flooded the place with all kind of unmentionable horrors and they’d still set up shop there - if you go there they die pretty much instantly, of course.

If that wasn’t your question, then…wrong topic I guess?


Ha, sorry meant to continue that with a) do quests generate place locations, or just co-opt them - in this case was there a ranch there to begin with? And b) do they (and can they) check for reasonable surroundings at all?

I’m guessing from your comment b) is a resounding “no” at least for this quest :grin:


And a related question this comment reminded me of:

Do fungus areas grow only if you go close enough to them? Do they ever just >start< spread out, or are they always confined to their home squares to start?


There was a Ranch to begin with. This is usually how quests work - the quest locations are already set in the world, the Quest in particular just seems to choose the closest location acceptable for the quest and puts, if necessary, monsters or npcs there.

Nope! Basically, if there’s a Ranch, they have a chance to settle there, that’s about it. The Ranch itself doesn’t seem to have any specific mapgen values either which would stop it from showing up near problematic stuff either, so more often than not it’s a shot in the dark if the Outpost will ever be able to survive.

From what I know, Stuff only ever happens when it’s inside your reality bubble. Everything outside is unloaded and not considered to be moving or doing stuff at all.
This should apply to Fungus as well, meaning, they do not spread the Fungus unless you’re close enough. Of course, your reality bubble is reasonably quick, so even just napping somewhere could produce a field of Fungus closeby which in turn can spread when you do other stuff nearby.

The Fungal Creatures spawn semi-randomly around their starting areas (bloom, tower…). They seem to have quite the reach though, considering I found fungal creatures quite a few maptiles away from any place they could have come from.