Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

Not really that deadly tbh. Honestly more concerned about skelejuggs than them.

As for the cube… I usually wear a hazmat suit and fire-resistant gear before activation, or ANBC, and make sure to activate on full health in an open field. Sometimes artifacts are the best one could ask for, other times they’re pandora’s box.


Almost lost an arm from them anyways lol. But thank you to the both of you. Really the first time I encountered them, not like I usually go to mines. The other one on the mines were the humansnails or whatever they are, although I didn’t push through em.

I think the Amigara Horror’s difficulty depends a lot on whether or not you have a way to block their stun effect. Getting stunlocked is nasty at almost any point in the game, but if they can’t do that, they’re just regular monsters and a mid-game survivor should be able to handle them.

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Is there anyway to debug a mission as complete? I killed the zombies in the Centers bay before actually picking up the mission.

You need to kill the shocker zombie to complete the mission, and the shocker zombie doesn’t spawn until you start the mission.

But yes, there is a debug menu option to mark a mission as complete.

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Build 10837 (android) and 10839 (PC) both experimental, keeps crashing whenever your reload something with the ammos from your surroundings.
The game on android just closes while on PC, it shows an Error box (It says smth about segmentation or so) then closes the game.
Anybody experiencing it too? Also any idea how to fix this?

I don’t have this problem, at least not on PC. Tried loading with magazine from adjacent floor and loading empty magazine then reloading it with ammo from the floor - no crashes, reload works fine. If you can reproduce it you should make a bug report on github.

Have you tried having multiple ammos on the floors and then reloading? Think that’s the main reason. Anyways I’ll try and see if I can file it on github, ain’t sure since I ain’t getting any error log, but yeah.

Tried just now, 2 ammo types for my gun and one other, no crash. Also, crash and debug logs are in game/config directory, try checking there.

Will do thanks! The crashing is such a bummer mid game lol

Oh sht. I fixed it lmao. Can’t believe it. Anyways I just moved the mods file into the data file as it says on the error. Lmao. Not getting any error or lag now. Goddamn, a sense of accomplishment lol.

22:44:57.598 WARNING : stat [data/mods//surv_crowbar/00_surv_~???mod???(???)???.txt] failed with “No such file or directory”.
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22:44:57.598 WARNING : stat [data/mods//surv_crowbar/02_tile_config.json???.txt] failed with “No such file or directory”.
22:44:57.871 WARNING : opendir [./mods/] failed with “No such file or directory”.

So having problems on finding this files, any clue where it is? Cause i have no idea where they are nor what to do about it.

Very new, so don’t assume I understand much of what’s going on or which commands to use…
I keep getting messages that my character isn’t getting enough calories from the food, but can’t find a reasonable way to increase it:

  1. Recipes tend to display a range of calories, so it’s a guess which ingredient selections would result in a higher value.
  2. I don’t have much of an idea of what’s considered “high” apart from comparing numbers in different recipes with each other. Especially since I don’t know if the resulting food is of the same size (scraps of meat are presumably smaller than a meat, for instance).
  3. I would have thought meat pies would be good, but the messages keep coming.
  4. Does eating more often (e.g. when peckish rather than hungry) increase the calorie intake?
  5. The hunger/thirst indicators seem to be screwed up, since drinking can sometimes result in suddenly becoming very hungry and vice versa (without eating very salty food, which would make sense), and there’s a considerable lag and fluctuation in the display after eating/drinking. Is this something that’s known?
  6. Sometimes when crafting I get the message that the companion could help with the task, sometimes that he does help, and sometimes that he just watches. Is there something that I can actually do to make him help when the message indicates he could but chose not to (I don’t have a base [or whatever the term is], but am holed up in a farm for the time being, in case that’s relevant)?

The food system is kind of messy. It tries to be similar to Unreal World’s food system, but fails at being as intuitive. Basically your weight visible by using ‘@’ = nutrition stored (normal or overweight are the ideal conditions to have) and hunger messages indicate your stomach content (where “Engorged” means full stomach and “hungry” means empty stomach, not that you need to eat).

The more calories your ingredients have the more calories your finished dish will have. This makes anything made with fat vastly superior to pretty much everything else if you need more calories.

The thirst/hunger messages drastically shifting is something you will have to get used too, unfortunately. That issue is well known and has likely caused much trouble for both new and returning players, yet from what I understand is working as intended. My advice is to drink when “thirsty” and mostly ignore hunger unless it says “very hungry” (“thirsty” gives a speed penalty and “very hungry” means you aren’t getting enough calories).

Companions only help you "b"atch craft if they have high enough skills to craft whatever you are crafting. If they don’t have enough skills to help, they will watch you instead, training whatever skill you are using to craft. Companions will not help you craft if you are crafting only 1 of an item.

Thanks Junknown, that helps a fair bit. I’m familiar with UrW, but this doesn’t look that similar (although it might just be obfuscated by the UI).

The wildly fluctuating thirst/hunger indications can hardly be intended, but it may well be that the underlying system isn’t faulty as such.

A lot of people have had problems with the hunger/thirst thing, but honestly it never bothered me.
The indicators are not about giving you “facts” as such, but “feelings”.

Try to think of it in a real world way. If you drank a lot of water, your hunger would go away very fast, but come right back. You wouldn’t consider that a fluctuation cause you understand why. In the same way, I can eat a lot of dinner, till I am full and want no more. But that doesn’t mean I cant eat more when I see some chocolate.

As Junknown said, the best thing you can do if you are worried about weight is eat when you are “very hungry”, as that indicator won’t show until you are getting calorie deficient. If that keeps popping up, keep eating as much calorie dense foods as you can.

If you are playing on the newer builds, keep in mind that they are actively messing with more lifelike calorie burning from strenuous activities. Activities such as killing lots of zombies, or dragging around a 150 pound shopping cart all day, make you burn many more calories then before. As I understand it, the amount of food you can eat without barfing is off, and may cause you to burn way more calories then you can actually eat, if you don’t take a lot of rest days in between active days.

This one is true, but what about “I’m not hungry, but oh well, I want to eat that cookie/biscuit 'cause it’s tasty. Omnomnom… oh my, now I’m suddenly very hungry! Better start stuffing myself with everything I have!”? It usually doesn’t work like that IRL.

Another set of questions, this time about combat:

  1. I’m considering using a bow I’ve found to aggro a “feral runner” (if I remember the name correctly) zombie to come running (I guess), without dragging the rest of them with it (i.e. using Divide & Conquer tactics). Is that tactic viable?
  2. I’ve managed to tame 5 dogs. If I bring them with me on a small zombie reduction expedition (see 1), will they stay around my character, or just rush at a target, and “hey, there’s another one”… until they’re both all dead and have been able to attract the rest of the horde? As far as I can tell, there aren’t any leashes, so all you can do is tie them down at a spot?
  3. I’ve considered using the tactic of getting critters to chase my character and then move towards other, non hostile ones to use them as damage sponges, but what I’ve seen so far indicates that once a group aggro they attack anything not in that group, so I guess that won’t work?
  4. I’ve encountered a prison with at least two zombie guards in it and a bunch of eyebots outside. When I’ve passed by at a safe?) distance I’ve seen one of the zombies ineffectively attack one of the eyebots, and neither party have been injured, so it seems the bot isn’t fighting back. Would it work to approach and attack the zombie (ignoring that this will attract the attention of at least the other guard, and possibly other zombies inside), and safely attack the zombie already engaged, or will it turn and attack my character (and could I assume the eyebots won’t suddenly bring out weapons they haven’t bother to use before when a living human approaches)?
  1. In my experience, zombies don’t aggro when hit by arrows. You have to get close enough for them to see/smell/hear you. If you stay outside that range you can shoot them to death no matter how many arrows it takes and they just stand there and take it.
  2. It has been a very long time since I tried taming a dog, but (unless there has been a change since) they will just charge and get killed.
  3. Not sure about this one. It depends on whether the 2 groups are hostile to each other. I have definitely had critters chasing me get distracted and start chasing/attacking other monsters if the other monsters were closer to them than I was.
  4. Eyebots don’t have weapons. This may have changed (it’s been a while since this happened to me), but it used to be that if you got too close they would take your picture and summon a police bot, which does.

Thanks Dialo.Malison.

Regarding 1: If I do get close enough to get the closest one to attack, will it draw in the others? Downing it from a distance would be preferable, but I suspect I won’t be able to make enough arrows for that).
Regarding 2: Dogs seem sort of pointless, but I thought it was safer to tame them and leave them tied down than to have them running around and potentially attack my character when something hostile appears (I found 4 of them fighting a zombie originally, and they later fought it again, and they were marked as hostile during both fights, which is why I didn’t dare enter the paddock they were in to disable the zombie the first time).
3: So it’s really a matter of being able to arrange the positioning correctly (and making a correct judgement about who is hostile to whom).
4: OK, so they’ll summon a police bot for me, but not for the zombie pummeling it. Makes perfect sense… It was something like that I suspected when asking the question, though.
5. Based on the risen zombie in the paddock, it seems that zombies rising again won’t wear the clothing they had (the equipment was in a pile where it fell originally), which ought to mean that downing one but being unable to get close enough to pulp it may still have it slightly more vulnerable the second time, resulting in a small improvement of the situation?