Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!

Since I have magiclysm installed, i’m wondering what the hell the endless flasks and spider boxes do. I have them, but I don’t know how to activate them or make them useful.

If someone can point me in the right direction, that’d be great.

Endless flasks auto-refill their contents when they are emptied. Note that refilled liquid is defined by flask name - if you fill “endless flask of X” with liquid Y, it will not be refilled with Y when emptied, it will still be refiled with X. idk if nested containers patch broke endless flasks or not, though.
Haven’t seen spider boxes yet so no idea about that.

@Rot @GiggleGrassGatherer

The spider boxes produce thread inside the box, until it hits its cap limit, when you unload it, you get the amount marked at the magazine (it doesnt need to be full to be able to unload it).

I figured that was the case, but it’s been a couple days sitting in my trunk and I haven’t gotten a single thread in the boxes, despite me having 4 of them.

I have a few endless flasks, all it really took was a day of “refilling” and I just 'a’ctivated them to open the contents - whiskey.

From looking at the code, it’s just whiskey and that’s all it can spawn with. I was kinda hoping to be able to fill it first and then pour out the corresponding liquid. An endless flask of clean water or lemonade would be great.
Imagine endless flasks of other liquids like bleach or grape soda.

Here's the code for the spider box

“id”: “mspider_box”,
“type”: “TOOL”,
“name”: { “str”: “spider box”, “str_pl”: “spider boxes” },
“description”: “This is a small glass box that contains a spider that diligently works day and night to produce silk thread that it stores in a reservoir you can open and retrieve it from.”,
“weight”: “100 g”,
“volume”: “100 ml”,
“price”: 100000,
“to_hit”: -2,
“material”: [ “glass” ],
“symbol”: “;”,
“color”: “red”,
“ammo”: [ “thread” ],
“initial_charges”: 500,
“max_charges”: 1000,
“artifact_data”: { “charge_type”: “ARTC_TIME” }

So it looks like it’s timed on artifact time, which is kinda vague but i’m guessing it’ll recharge after a week or so? I tried activating it and it didn’t do anything (and wouldn’t let me do anything). I’m guessing it’s just my impatience, i’ll just explore and check on it every now and then.

“The eyebot flashes a LED and departs. The Feds got this”. First time seeing this message. Eyebot did indeed vanish. So… what was that? Does it mean eyebots finally learned to recognize federal marshals, maybe?

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As far as I remember, eyebots have always recognized any law enforcer wearing their uniform (a.k.a. their badge).

being honest i think is bugged, once i found it too, and i only could sue it like 2 times, afterwards it didnt produce anymore

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This is my current mod list.

Now, I’ve gone down the slippery slope of fabrication again, and now know how to make the survivor’s claymore. Essentially it gives me 45 damage points on both bash and cut, and a bit of pierce to boot if I remember correctly. It’s been a while since I’ve played very far, and now I’m wondering. is there anything I’m going to encounter both base game and from mods that will justify me requiring to use what feels like excessive damage on a melee weapon?

Demonic Spider Queen.

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Helicopter rotors are non-repairable. Intended?


There needs to be a skill/trait infrastructure that we don’t currently have before people will be able to safely repair parts on flying vehicles, and even then, I’m not sure how reasonable it is to allow people to repair the actual rotors. You can’t just nail a two-by-four as reinforcement and slap some Bondo™ on the edges and expect to be able to fly safely, even if you were a qualified rotorcraft mechanic.

Unfortuately, dpwb has left the project, and flying vehicles was his project, not mine. I have a long list of other stuff I want to get done instead of flying vehicles.

Thanks. It makes sense, I was just wondering if maybe I was missing something.

Is there any differences between music instruments?

And why would one craft throwing knives when you could craft copper knives for the same purpose?

Does heavy sleeper help deal with the noises you hear through the schizophrenia trait? Or are those inevitably going to wake you up?

At the moment, no, since none of them work since the storage overhaul. Before that update each musical instrument had a different morale boost cap, other than that the instruments that couldn’t be worn had to be wielded in your hands, where as the head harmonica could be play while holding a gun or what not.

You’re either choose some form of cop as your profession or you finally got a marshal badge from completing the marshal quest chain, a similar thing happens when you wear a doctor’s badge around those nurse bots.

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Pretty sure I’ve recently, coupla days ago, seen a harmonica bring morale up by 8 and a violin by 25.

Anyway, does having minor radioactivity or its subsequent trait give you immunity to radiation? If not I’m going to have to see if I can get radiogenic or purifier.

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None of the radioactivity mutations give you any form of protection from radiation, and even radiogenic won’t prevent the negatives of radiation. Your best bet is purifying the problematic mutation away.

Do you get positive morale from music if you are deaf?

No, you have to hear the music to get the morale boost. Don’t waste your time trying to boost your morale by playing your saxophone while wearing earplugs.

Is there anything useful in the spiral variation of last mine level? I have only found some icky monsters, and it looks like there’s nothing else in there.