Anyonee know what this means?

I’ve updated to the newest build 10211, loaded up a current save, saved and quit to check something, loading the save back up i’m now getting this error (screenshot below). If I move one tile the time just runs and won’t stop until I get attacked by a zombie and die.
Problem is the game autosaved whilst i’m “frozen” so when I load the game back up I can’t do anything until I die.
The thing I don’t understand is nothing changed between me quitting the game then loading it back up.

Recommended to stay on previous build until it’s sorted out. You said you’ve saved though, after updating? When you say you’re “frozen”, what do you mean? Does time keep moving without you able to take action?

Ah cool, thanks for the info.
Any idea what build number that issue started with? I’ve just gone back to build 204.

The game autosaved when I was using the latest build.
Yeah, that’s what I mean by “frozen”. Time keeps moving without me being able to do anything. I can’t even alt-f4 out of the game.

Same here, 10210. Before I saw this post I thought it was related to apparent bug happening right after the time I saved, now I’m not so sure. Tried rolling back to last backup I have, and now it doesn’t load too, spewing same “void option” errors over and over again.

I self-compile, so I only know the game in terms of commits, rather than builds, but I think you might be okay with build 10206. I noticed the problem myself when I updated with the changes mentioned in 10208; not sure about 10207.

To fix the time issue, try this: Go to your character’s .sav file and run a search for "player": { "moves": . See if it has a huge negative number next to it. Change it to a reasonable positive number, like 60 or something.

I’m using the launcher, so I just hit the restore previous version button and everything is back to normal (old save too!)

I made a backup of my save from the 211 build and this is the “player moves” situation in there…

player": { “moves”: -2147480586

Yeah, from what I understand, which is not much, character is frozen because that number needs to resolve back to normal.

Hmm wish i could have read this before i updated lol, i crashed while installing a cbm and now im getting the same errors, my char save does not have a negative move but when i try to load the save he has 0 stamina and in the stat window it says movement cost -235123135.

Funny thing is that my other world/character has the same problem even when i haven’t loaded that save in 5 days.

I do it like this. I open the game, and If I have those errors when loading i immediately quit via ALT+F4. Then open the game again, go to options, under Interface change any option, save options. Load save and no errors. It’s a workaround, I know, but seems to work for me.

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Ah many thanks, i thought the options.cpp it mention was in the current world i was trying to load so i was focusing on trying to find the solution there, should have thought about the game option itself when i couldn’t load my other world/save file :stuck_out_tongue:

TYVM. One addition, though: for me, for this to work, I had to restart the game after changing and saving options.