Is there any way to fast forward the game, e.g. how long it takes to craft/read?

Is there any way to fast forward time in the game like how zomboid can “fast forward” reading a book or how some people turn on speed hacks for walking simulator games like onward?
I can understand not wanting to cheese the game by taking a few in games to craft some higher level gear, but some actions take way too long to wait through. I’ve had time to take a leak, get a snack, and come back to find some tasks only 50% done. And I don’t have enough processing power on my computer to run a second game at the same time while i wait for it to finish…

Based on what I understand and through personal experience, the speed of the game is heavily reliant on the CPU of whatever you’re running the game on. For example, the old laptop I have used to play C:DDA before takes insubordinate amounts of time to sleep for a few hours (upwards of 2 minutes or so), whereas on my PC it takes 10 to 15 seconds due to a powerful CPU. I would assume that RAM has some part to play in it as well, but it seems to be less important.

As for what you can do to speed things up, I’m not sure. I think you can set a multiplier for construction times for a world, but to my knowledge you can’t do that for anything else.

unfortunately it seems geoforce now doesn’t have ways to run unsupported games then it seems…

Do you mean GeForce? I have a GeForce card and C:DDA runs just fine.

No, as ERROR_CODE stated, the game runs basically on the max of the computers CPU power.

That’s actually the culprit, not just a symptom. Faster processing power would mean faster sleeping/reading/waiting and other turn consuming actions.

I’ve noticed you can reduce the (real-) time it takes to do things in game by turning off the Experimental 3D field of vision in the options, having no monsters (or NPCs) in the reality bubble, having only as few items as necessary on yourself and in the reality bubble, and to save often (although this sometimes leads to long loading times once you step into map parts with a lot of items/monsters).

I’ve actually once tried to speed up the game using the Cheat Engine’s function of providing a faster clock speed than the system clock. It did nothing, which pretty much confirms that it’s already running at the max system speed.

Should probably mention that you could try overclocking your CPU to increase the game speed (as well as plenty of other things). Just be warned of heating and power supply issues. If you aren’t able to start your PC after overclocking, either short the CMOS or remove the motherboard battery for 10 seconds to reset the BIOS. If you’re on a laptop, I wouldn’t recommend overclocking.