Time Delayed Distraction Devices

Essentially I had an Idea to use electronics to modify things like Flares, Fireworks and Speakers to have a programmable time delay.

With a Practical skill of 4 Electronics, and 4 Computers and 4 Fabrication you can craft a device that lets you select a timer of 3/30/60/90/120 seconds after which the attached device will activate.
The device is water and wind proof.

With Fabrication of 3 and Throwing 3 you can craft a literal fuse that you light for Flares and Fireworks giving it a 5 second fuse. With Level 3 Fabrication you can craft fuses that last 3 seconds and 8 seconds.
Requires a short string and flammable powder to create a proper fuse, is lit with a lighter.
If the device becomes wet before or after ignition the fuse will fail.
While the fuse is lit it will give off a very faint glow.

I have always wondered why I can’t make a time delayed flare for more stealthy looting of cities at night, or other time delayed distraction devices that I can throw to distract hordes while I loot stores during the early game.

I might try to make this later using the same method that grenades use (Grenade is a separate item from Active Grenade for example)