Tiles visual bug

I’m seeing these white lines around tiles when I zoom in. Using the latest experimental.

Tried different terminal heights/widths/fullscreen/borderless, you name it. It seems to pervade through all settings.
Could’ve sworn this didn’t use to happen. Anyone knows what’s up?
Edit: And yes, I’ve tried other tilesets, the lines pervade.

The only solution I’ve found to this in the past is to downgrade/upgrade the experimental.

try switching between hardware and software rendering

I’ve seen that on some YouTuber’s videos and always wondered how they go that, though luckily it hasn’t happened to me. Commenting because I’m curious to see if what fixes it in case it does ever happen to my game. Let us know if any of the above fixes it for you please.

@dissociativity @NuG
Switching to the software renderer fixed it. Switching back to hardware acceleration reproduces the glitch.

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