Thrown Martial Arts

I checked a few pages and didn’t see anything about this.
I recently got my friend into the game and he’s been experimenting with Tiger style. [I’m not sure if it works with other styles yet. I’ll confirm later]
When you have it equipped it gets it’s very own inventory letter.
You can examine it … and drop it, and throw it.

It shows up as a “none” on the ground and we only got the message “You barely miss. You hear a thud from the (direction)”

It did however raise his throwing skill and not have any negative effects on his actually “equipped” Tiger Style.

Just thought it was an interesting bug and had to share. There may be repercussions of having huge piles of nothing laying around but some things man was just not meant to know.

It’s a known bug that has been reported on the git, but nobody has gotten around to fixing it yet.

Oh I didn’t realize.
It seems relatively minor all things considered. We just got a laugh out of it and figured the responsible thing to do and all.
Thanks for the clarification.

I think someone was eventually able to break windows using Telekinetic Fist, but it took some doing.