Evac Spawned Power Armor & Unarmed Style Bug

[sub]I started a new game just a few moments ago and I would like to bring up two issues regarding the 0.9 release candidate. The first issue is that there was a corpse right outside of the evac shelter that spawned with basic power armor on it. While I doubt that this is a bug, I also think that maybe this it is not intentional, being able to obtain such advanced armor straight away. This is the first time that I have seen this happen. The second issue is in regards to martial arts. Whenever I try to select the style and ‘equip’ it, it shows up as ‘none’ in my inventory and stacks if I repeat the process. Also, it does not matter what style I try to use. I have combined three screenshots into one to demonstrate.[/sub]



[center][sub]0.9RC 0.8-2655-g944f932[/sub][/center]

Well, first on the armor thing:

You know that you’re really lucky right? Many people would die for that random generation. Go and ask RNG why there was a suit of adv. armor outside the door. And no, it was probably not intentional for it to be there, but RNG dictated so.

So you can obtain the styles, but not actually use them? They’re not supposed to be items at all anymore.

Which styles do you have?

[sub]It appear to do this no matter what style I try to use. I’ve started the game several times, testing different styles, and it always seems to do ‘none’ in my inventory.[/sub]

Does it change the style-designation? Should be a blue note in the lower-left of your status bar. If you’re using a style, it should show up there. Styles aren’t wielded like they used to be, and that threw me for a loop when I started in the newer versions. They should all be compatible; I thought something got missed in the JSON checks but if KM and Karate aren’t working, that’s another blocker.

Thanks for the report; we may want a save.

[sub]It does display the style in the game screen, however, I am unable to check special moves for said style. Just attempting it closes the inventory screen, but, it is not like it displays anything other than ‘none’. It also appears that I can not upload my save file as I get an error saying the upload folder is full.[/sub]

OK, that’s a known issue: you should be able to see 'em during chargen, at least. I’ll poke the UI coders.