Throwing of Random junk and you; a Primer



So this topic is a question of items we could throw that do an amount of damage more than the average junk; such as a stick compared to a meat cleaver. These should perhaps not have the same value when used as a thrown item.

Please feel free to suggest items that should do more than average damage when thrown at a creature. Also suggest how much damage on a scale of 0-10(0 being no damage but may weaken stamina to a 10 which maybe instantly lethal). Sorry in advance. I don’t understand the damage ratios for the game to provide exact damage levels.

Head shots are naturally going to be more severe. So the implied harm of the item in general will just be more severe in the case of a head shot.

No particular order:

-Meat Cleaver (4-6)= Seems pretty lethal in proper hands. But even in unskilled hands it would do harm.
-Pitch Fork (5-6)= This unwieldy form when thrown would be a lucky to hit at all item. medium-high damage?

I had a list going with blunt objects. But I think that most should be standard damage based on weight.

Should all sharp objects have x damage based upon their own weight? More damage based upon slashing+ a possible bleed effect?


seems to me that pitch fork should have more range of damage than that.

Not sure how much stuff needs specialized damage


No so much a list of special damage as is a list of a little extra.

In fact. maybe the numbers should just be a percentage stacked on top of the standard damage they normally would do.

I think the idea was, that every object has damage only based on their weight value. So a heavy object would do more damage than a potato or something like that.

Suggestions? So items should do a little more damage than comparing a brick to a pitch fork if you were to have either thrown at you.

Perhaps a multiplier? Knives anf sharp object get a standard increase? I dunno. Not sure. I usually have a ton of ideas but I’m a little busy and I have to help some one fix a car. So >_>

Would be great if others chimed in on this one. Oh and should bricks do a little extra for the sharp corners?


Bricks should do more due to density. The code ought to be checking weight AND volume, rather than just weight. (which I think is what it’s doing now, since golf clubs are OP)
A brick isn’t terribly aerodynamic, but if you can huck it at someoen and hit them, it carries a ton of inertia and puts it into a small area.
(I’ve heard tell from family members third-hand legends of the “brick fights” that used to go on in the ghetto in Missouri way back when, resulting in broken bones and such. I don’t know how much stock to put in those stories, but I know a rock hurts pretty bad if you get hit with it, so I can only imagine what a brick would do.)


Mmm, yes. That is what I was thinking too. I think that a brick would be rather difficult to toss at a specific path. But it could certainly ring somethings or some ones bell to be certain if it hit. I imagine I could chuck one across an average room. So perhaps 7-10 feet may be a reasonable 50/50 toss up to hit unless the person has a high Throwing + Strength?


a meat cleaver would be a very unreliable throwing weapon, throwing weapons are very specifically weighted, without this they’re unwieldy, inaccurate, and will most likely end up hitting whatever you throw on only a blunt part, only causing a bruise.

Unless a weapon is specifically made for throwing, it’s shit for throwing, however a strong person with a brick can of course do some damage, the downside being the carry weight and volume of bricks, and of course the lack of range that comes with throwing heavy items.


exception to this would be well trained throwers who can feel out the weight and time/alter the spin in throw to hit with whatever part they want to. Though even they might need a couple practice throws with something new/especially unwieldy.


Throwing has been on quite the roller coaster since no one can agree on how to balance it, and the possibility that you can grab anything to kill at a range can make it OP. Basing it on reality sort of falls through because other forms of combat, though less convenient, tend to be more effective. It needs a niche to be preferred over others. Realism makes it’s scaling underwhelming in regards to bionic monsters. The normal throwing items are a bit mundane and more exotic items tend to be ineffective. Perhaps it would be best to scale the proper weapons on reality, and scale improvised weapons to compete against other forms of combat only with very heavy investment.

Personally I would suggest the effectiveness of cut/pierce on weapons to be based on skill level, and bash/weight be based on str/dex scaling. Proper weapons should reach peak performance much sooner than improvised weapons. The general scaling it has now could still be in effect, but lower contributing values would work as a penalty. While throwing a sword is a bit fantasy, it is not that unusual in comparison to a cyborg or fish man doing it. Many small bladed weapons would be inefficient, but they would still be a small hunk of metal that could be going at high speed. Pointy end first would be a damage bonus.

Final thoughts are if only proper weapons are preferred then just make an artifact throwing weapon. Maybe a hat, a yoyo, a weapon that returns to your hands, or an endless supply of weak explosives. You can also get those mad scientists to come up with something for the end game as well. Maybe a boot that homes in on to the heads of every zombie in the area.


That is just the problem though isn’t it. You can throw literally anything and have just as much chance with that throw and damage of a toaster as you would an actual throwing knife.

I would like people to discuss it enough to give the devs a better idea of what we want and they can figure out how to code the best bits at their leisure.


So it should be based upon ergonomics of the object? How would that look coding it?

Perhaps a adding several tags could dictate the ergonomics of an object + toon throwing skill + toon strength + distance of projected throw + 1 handed or 2 handed = difficulty, accuracy and damage.

Reason = because all items in game could be subject to being chucked. So adding tags + function to this would improve throwing and being able to do so as a tactic (stun effect as example) in a critical moment. Also for stealth and/or hunting.

Thoughts anyone? Trying to frame this and it is a running thought process.


Probably a tag for things that are balanced and aerodynamic enough to be thrown accurately. Anything without that tag should be terribly inaccurate. After that you can deal with weight vs. volume and applying the damage stats.