OK so when ever you see a zombie called Dancer zombie or thriller zombie run for your life because the dancers are invincible and when you kill the thriller zombie it turns the dancers into hulks. sorry for no pictures the hulks killed me before i could take one.

well welcome to the forums, and don’t feed the ninjas.

This is already simi-well known. the zombie dancers aren’t invincible, they just have a lot of health and quick regen, people who have OP characters could probably kill them in a few minutes.

So this one has encountered the Thriller… poor bastard. When I found my first Thriller, the sudden 10 or so hulks did indeed kill me.

Nowadays I do it for the lols, the hulks mostly attack eachother - if they try and take me on I’ll cut them to pieces with my trusty blade. The key is a quick weapon, good speed and a high enough DEX to troll hulks and dodge most of their attacks.

Although… yeah. The first time I killed the Thriller, armed with my fists and not particularly good armour, I pissed my pants.

Well, my insane throwing skills on current character(coupled with hydraulic muscle system) just ended up in nuking the whole party.

And that was quite a good show if you ask me. Dancers AND explosions, worth those three mini-nukes.