Thread for the renaming of "zombie slave"- in case anyone has thoughts, like me

Came back to discussion

General consensus: “but it’s supposed to be gruesome”

It’s misleading. It’s gruesome, but in the wrong way. They are NOT SLAVES. Slavery is an entirely different manner of thing- no, the act in CDDA is one of mutilation and manipulation.

You could call it a “raped zombie”, and that’d be controversial/gruesome, but it’s not exactly accurate. Neither is “zlave” or “zombie slave”.

i am not sure by what narrow deffinition of slavery you go by but what we do with the z is pretty much enslaving a zombie .
I would be forcing my will on it to do my biding which is for me enough to justify the use of the term. Now one has to look whether to actually call it a slave or not judging by the controled subject. So i wouldn t say i enslaved the world if had planted seeds to grow in it, although it pretty much would be an act of forcing my will on the ground, it is not a contious beeing thus i wouldn t call it slavery. So whether i should call a zombie a slave or not would for me largely depend on whether its contious or not… because i usualy do not tend to call my tools slaves … although its not entirely wrong.

Still, try to look at it from a different perspective. You’ve had time to think about it, and develop reasonings, but each person who doesn’t know anything of this argument that I’ve asked “what do you think ‘create zombie slave’ means?” They didn’t know, they didn’t get it, because just seeing that as an option doesn’t get the point across on what is being done, or trying to be accomplished. We’re looking for a way to actually explain it to someone who is fresh into it.

On a side note, trying the option, doesn’t seem to work, but it’s never explained how or why, just that the zombie gets up and can still attack, even though it should be obvious whether or not it has arms/jaw

Hm i never tried myking a zslave so i didn t know it wasn t sufficiently explained what it does. Yes if your character is able to create a mutilated zombie weight carrie slave he should very damn well know that its that what his creation is used for… would b be odd if a Swordsmith didn t know at which end to hold a sword and what to do with it. At least if theres no discription suffciently discribing this it should be added ( Or made obvious by naming)

but that’s the thing, it’s NOT explained, so there’s no “better damn well know” when there’s a lack of information!

How about “Zack-mule”?