[0.8-2054-g0eaaafd] Some opinions on new monster names

Now, I really appreciate the new creatures and I mostly like a lot their new descriptions and names. However some a few changes hitted me as incorrect

Amigarajin- previously an amigara horror, due to the fact that the only way to encounter them is a direct reference to the manga, i’ll rather keep their actual name as it also served to get some references on the background and origin of the monster

Subwayman- previously a C.H.U.D, still referenced as a CHUD on the description ill rather have CHUD remain for the same reasons of the amigara horror and also because it sounds more creative but well that’s just me.

Zombie Immate- previously a dementia, its quest and location implies is not supposed to be a zombie or a prisoner at all but instead some sort of crazy cultist with a partially reanimated brain

Tribot- previously a tripod robot, i kinda liked the war of the worlds reference

Best guess is they got removed for copyright related BS.

Which is sad because I liked the old names too.

Actually i think none of them is copyrighted (I remember one of the main devs saying so, it could have been a mistake however)

[quote=“EkarusRyndren, post:2, topic:3665”]Best guess is they got removed for copyright related BS.

Which is sad because I liked the old names too.[/quote]
More because they were part of a huge PR that rebalanced all monsters (pretty much anything we do in that respect falls under the “parody”/“homage” rules, so copyright isn’t really a problem so long as we don’t steal huge chunks from stuff).

As for names:

  1. I’m not sure about the amigara horror name change. Probably should be changed back.
  2. Zombie inmate should probably be changed back.

The other two are probably ok as is, the subwayman still holds the reference in it’s description, and I don’t think that the tripod bot actually was intended as a reference for War of the worlds.

There are these too:

Zombie Master > Zombie Lord
Zombie Necromancer > Zombie Shaman

I’m neutral about Z-Master change, but change of Necromancer to Shaman? Not so much. Necromancer is pretty descriptive of what they do and it’s not like people in-universe are genre blind.

I agree about the zombie necromancer name change, ‘necromancer’ describe exactly what this zombie do.

Sorry if i am pushing this but could we could revert the dementia description to how it was before?

A crazy individual, the bloody holes on the side of its shaved head indicate some sort of partial lobotomy

and change the symbol to @ they and their uncommon spawn area were some of my favorite things in the game (ill do it myself but i cant really understand how github works)