This is what I expected my entrenching tool to be like

so make entrenching tool useable as a frying pan so with integrated toolset we can do everything

Did this happen? i like Arek_PL’s idea. Trench warfare is still happening and although these things would break I love the idea of a light streamlined kit.

That’s one hell of a necropost - makes me miss pisskop, PK’s rebalance was fun back in the day.

As to your question, yes, entrenching tools have level 1 food cooking, so it’ll cook a lot of basic recipes, but isn’t as good as a proper, real pan. Highly recommend using the Hitchhikers Guide to the Cataclysm if you’re curious about an items current properties. Just remember to select the game version your using at the bottom, stable and experimental are pretty different most of the time.