Could be used to mine flint, iron, lime (for cements->construction), and lead for bullets, or just dig without a jacquehammer

It also makes for a quick and easy way to hurt/kill things that have armor, but I imagine it would be very (very) easy to get stuck, so it’d be pretty circumstantial as a weapon, it should definitely be added as a relatively uncommon tool though.
Another way to dig tunnels and break up pavement/concrete/walls would be nice, even if it’d take way longer than with a jackhammer (I’ve used both before, a jackhammer is probably three to four times as fast and a tenth as exhausting, but a pickax is more useful to break up packed dirt when you’re digging a deep hole).

I’m not sure where it should be found, definitely possible in mines, maybe a hardware store.


I swear I have like 7 digging picks around my house.
Yeah… My underground base has had some structural weak points. Until it caved in.

There actually already is a pickax in the code if you would believe it. It’s been simply commented out for some reason or another through the updates.

Chiefly because the only downside is that it takes longer. If it tired the player out (as Weyrling), I’d imagine it would be reasonable to uncomment it.