This is probably a stupid question but I don't know how to get 'long sticks'

No, not heavy sticks and not planks, long sticks. A couple things I want require those and I am not certain how to get it.

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You need to smash young trees.


Ah, okay, thanks. I shall now go and grab my Bash Stick to bash small tree children.

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You just smash young trees. Basic questions like that should probably go in the Tricks, Tips and Noob Questions to avoid some of the forum clutter.

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Ah, good point. Imma do that next time. (If I remember)

Make sure you use the long stick you’ve got from the first tree in the forest to bash all the rest of them into submission. That really allows you to establish pecking order and dominance over the plants right away.


I’m going to do more than that, as I’m going to mutilate the long stick I originally got, turning into something better, stronger, then I’ll wrap it in irons and carve a new name into it’s wooden flesh.
That simple long stick has evolved and surpassed the power of it’s brethren, it is now, an ironshod quarterstaff, and known as The Iron Basher.
Now its kin shall soon learn what fear truly is…

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