This game is unreal

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Ive started playing this game 6 months ago or so, on my Android tablet. Honestly I had a really hard time getting into it for a long time. I suffered the same issue I get with Dwarf Fortress. I read about the game and Im stunned by how detailed and massive it is, but the graphics, UI and the drop you into the game and let you figure it out type gameplay, made it almost impossible for me to get into.
No, its not because Im a graphics whore, as I play Infocom text adventures still lol. But with Ascii and most of the tile sets Im just unable to see whats going on. Well, I finally got it for PC. And I downloaded CDDA Launcher and started using MSX++Dead_People tile set, and also downloaded some music mods.
I was finally able to play. Altho I have only scratched the surface of this game, it finally started clicking and now I have a character thats been alive for several in game weeks. The level of detail is stunning. And then yesterday, my mind was blown.
I have never really strayed more than probably 20 or so map tiles away from the evac shelter and the small town near it. I do see a couple towns “nearby”, which to me seems REALLY far and REALLY dangerous. But yesterday I found a road map and a tourist guide. Reading them put towns ALL OVER my map. I mean TONS of them.
And thats when the true size, scope and complexity of this game dawned on me. I do hope one day to see maybe some npc around the game world trying to survive, or maybe some could be bandits or whatever. Maybe some could give you missions, you know, more of a reason to try and reach those far away places rather than just because. Or maybe thats all there and I havent seen it yet.

Glad you are having fun. If playing experimental builds (iirc even if on 0.D stable). Make sure static npcs are turned on at least. Evac shelter will start you with a potential npc companion. Random npcs can be on or off, they are a bit riskier due to their thieving, homicidal tendencies. There is so much content, I havent seen it all in years of playing.

I cant even survive basic town runs thanks to my luck.

SANDBOX survivial roguelike
Just do what you wana… get fun (or try get some special milestones done even if it ruin all fun & experience (like find nanoasembler and etc)… change world settings if you need… also read mod list… you may wana enable more realistic weapons… or use “generic weapons”…

I agree that is is one of the best games ever made, due to countless hours of many people developing it over the years.

One little hint for anyone new and struggling to survive: Food and water is everywhere, you don’t need to run headlong into that starting town and get shocked to death by shock zombies to fill your belly or get shelter. Instead try heading down the road a ways and see if you can find a more rural alternative to loot or even try going into the forest and see what the trees & puddles have to offer for example (remember though don’t drink stagnant water with out making it clean). You can certainly loot the cities from the get go once you have more experience but you can survive indefinitely with out ever entering a city and also gather gear and supplies too. The city is a big fat fly trap designed to get new players ensnared and have their brains eaten. :stuck_out_tongue:

The wise make their own luck.

The ignorant get moosed.