This game is AMAZINGLY difficult!

Wow I have never played a game such difficult as this. I even registered to tell you guys how hard this is! The zombies are way over powered! I suck at butchering, so I starve to death. Going in to houses is not a option to me, because I’m going to get mauled to death or severely injured. I get NPCs mad at me when I keep asking them for stuff and sometimes NPCs have Grenade Launchers! They blow me to BITS and PIECES. This game is awesome, but the creators should make a leveling up system to make monsters more balanced. I will play this game every single day it’s amazing! Some reason I feel it’s like fallout, but with more amazing stuff. I can’t wait for factions to be implimented.

You have to learn to survive through trial and error. Go into a house by breaking the door down, get swarmed by zombies, learn to not do that. Crowbar the door open, be fine, walk outside and get spotted by a zombie while running out, realize that this game is harder. Also, NPC’s are kinda buggy right now.

Its fun learning everything, trust me.

If you’re finding it hard, I suggest trying out dynamic spawn, because that gives you a ‘safe time’ in the beginning to start looting a town and get yourself some starting gear. Also try starting with a 24 point build, then slowly working your way down as you get better at the game. But yeah, as Ninja and Mrnocamera said, learning everything is !!FUN!!

Yeah I guess so, I usually just smash the back window of a house and pray to god that any zombie didn’t hear me.

Start with a point in mechanics, smash a locker in the evac shelter, get a rock and craft a crowbar, you can pry open doors and windows.

I don’t think you need mechanics to make crowbars anymore. Also, everytime I try to pry open a window it breaks. Is that just bad luck?
Also, if you start as scoundrel you get lockpicks those are silent, but they might take a few tries. You can also make improvised lockpicks that break easily.

Yeah I usually try to use as much improvised lock picks as I can. It’s more silent than using crowbars.

Cataclysm DDA, like many roguelikes, is all about dying in horrible ways over and over again until you learn how the world works.

Maybe even more so than other roguelikes, since the whole point of CDDA is that the whole world is out to kill you.

[quote=“Rivet, post:9, topic:2487”]Cataclysm DDA, like many roguelikes, is all about dying in horrible ways over and over again until you learn how the world works.

Maybe even more so than other roguelikes, since the whole point of CDDA is that the whole world is out to kill you.[/quote]

looks at dwarf fortress

Avatar gets impaled by a baby corpse

Reading threads like this makes me chuckle a bit, I used to find the game far to hard and almost unfair in places, but I’ve been playing for quite a while and find it verging on easy if I min max ect. I still die alot but normally due to my own mistakes.

There’s a lot of ways to play but I find that avoiding towns and living a nomadic hunter lets me survive very easily and get skills up. Have fun learning the game!

Wow yeah OP, I really don’t mean to dis you but maybe, instead of requesting nerfing and balancing you make a bit of an effort to finding a more effective strategy or at least applying a little logic, or read up a little.

Maybe this type of game just doesn’t suite you. If you ever hear of an Indie game called Haven & Hearth, steer clear, if you struggle with this game then that one will reduce you to tears.

Yeah, the most important thing about this game, or really any complex roguelike, is just making sure you have the fundamentals down 100%. What are you going to do right away in the evac shelter, are you going to go into town right away or try to raise some skills first, how deep in town will you go searching for a car or how many hits from zombies can you take before you need to turn around and escape from the horde, how long are you willing to search for a car on the outskirts, which kind of martial arts style best suits the way you play, and so on and so on. Being able to survive for more than a day is essential to tackling the learning curve.

It’s going to be difficult until you’re comfortable with all of that. But once you make it to day 3 and you have yourself a nice Prius, you get to start fooling around with crafting and construction and all the minute details of a zombie apocalypse that this game includes. When you begin to get a grasp on all these little things, everything starts to fall into place. When you conquer the learning curve in this game, it just starts to flow. You know what all the little things do and when you need to do them. It flows with a life-like synergy that you can only get from a game like this. I feel genuine anxiety when it’s the middle of summer so I can’t wear too many layers or I’ll get hot, but I need to go on a raid to get cigarettes or I’ll be done for.

I’ve only been playing since .4, so there are still things I learn every day. But this is seriously one of the most rewarding games out there if you put in the effort to learn it.