This game has me on the fritz!

I like to think I’m competent. I like to think I make wise decisions. But why must this game torture me so… I’ve had about 15 playthroughs now, and i still can’t survive a week!!! This last playthrough was my best to date. Had a sustainable food source, a re-usable source of water, and full health…but as soon as i walk into my house to go to sleep…what do i see!!! A MO F-IN BEAR!!! In my house!!! I’m sure I closed the doors…but seriously…an archer…to a bear melee is not even fair…like wtf…why do you make this game so darn frustrating!!! I’ve givven all I got guys, but seriously!!! What’s the deal!!!

:smiley: Bears… New England’s Menace.

New England obiouvsly has more problems than bears :frowning: I’m sure i’ll get home from work tomorrow and relive this horrible tragedy once more…just in another fastion…whos knows i may die from looking at the window to long :stuck_out_tongue:

My usual games (with dynamic spawn) were… 2 ingame hours long. :smiley: Static spawn makes it bit easier, since you can stay closer to town.

I love the hell out of this game. but i sure wish New England wasn’t so full of pricks :frowning:

You should be able to find a Semi in the first two days. Don’t linger around in towns, walk along the road and get lucky. It’s by far the safest place (out in the wilderness) to sleep, since it got it’s own part to sleep in.

Toad - the problem with animals spawning in your shelter has been reported and I hope they’ll fix it.

if your using archery you should have OHK the bear, I OHK everything besides the dreaded Jabberwock,

Even with a low to no skill you should be able to take care of bears with a shotgun. i always carry a mossberg or remington with me with 25 shells of 00 and a molotov. can take out brutes/bears even jabberwocks if you have a couple molotovs.

sorry toad this is the problem with archer characters they never have enough damage to take most things on try a rifle or pistol character it might help

Small note, but there is a PR up right now that should remove enemies from spawning indoors, rendering you houses safe once more. It’s not in the game yet, but if everything goes well then it will probably be merge in in the next day or two.

Welcome to Cataclysm! One of the most sadistic games out there :slight_smile: