Things to power with generators

how about plugs for cars? plug an mp3 into it or a gaming device, perhaps a computer if they ever add laptops with games. I want to play some cataclysm in cataclysm. it ought to be much more complete in the future.

When did we get generators?

I’d want generators to play a part in missions. Maybe have one involving gathering all the parts necessary for a small research lab and then getting a generator to hook it all up? Or for a smaller mini-mission like hooking a generator up to a console and door inside a lab to get to the next area? I think working generators should be something for when you’re well established, and you want to move on to advanced things. They’d work well as objectives for missions, whether NPC-driven or not.

If the farming stuff gets added it, I would sincerely be the happiest man alive. Oh, and a generator-powered chemistry set would be helpful, I burn through a lot of batteries with that.

If exercising gets into mainline then simply someone or something to do pushups instead of me. :smiley:

Is there a tutorial on how to find/use generators in this game? I’m also confused on when this got added in.
I can obviously see the build notes, but I keep crashing before I can reach the “building deathmobile” part of the game.

Idk if there is a tutorial on generators, but i will give you a quick one on solar power generator for household use. First open a door or window in your house. then start vehicle construction and build a frame in the open space where the door or window was before you opened it. Then build a board in that same spot to prevent animals or zombies from seeing inside or getting past. Then install a frame on the outside of the building connected to the initial frame. then install a storage battery on the outside frame. then install a solar panel on the outside frame. Then install a frame on the inside. Then install a kitchen unit/welder/mounted electric forge. You now have power for household use.

_ = frame/board #= solar panel/storage battery &= kitchen unit, welder, mounted electric forge

# ##
______ or for more power ___________
& &&


I remember reading something like this before, but I never tried it. Thanks for the picture though, I’mma go try this right now.

Oh, I remember something like this because I heard about a portable welding cart in the vehicle thread!
It was basically a battery and rig on two wheels that you just grab. Pretty cool.