There's no way to take the robbed money back?

I was getting rob by a NPC, I try to beat him but he still take my money away, and after I beat him down, I somehow can’t find any money on his body, so did the robbed money are vanished? is there any way to get the money back?

If you can’t find it, chances are the event is scripted to remove the money from your inventory, not to transfer the item to the inventory of the NPC.

I don’t want to encourage the use of the debug menu, but if it enhances your experience of the game, give yourself the stolen money back until a fix is implemented.

FYI if you didn’t know, the DEBUG menu doesn’t have a key binding by default.

Wait, he stole your money?

Why did you actually have money on you in the first place? In order to have money, you need to actually deposit it in a bank. Do you not just keep it on a Cash Card on your person at all times?