How do I get my items back?

I had just finished doing a quest for an NPC and a was driving SE but once I stopped by him he walked into my trunk and looted it but since he is my comrade im inclined not to cut his throat with my RM42 fighting knife but I also don’t really want to trade a bunch of stuff to get my stuff back primarily because he mostly only took really expensive stuff like my science cards, guns, and portal generator I just need a non-Violent solution help?

Interact with him by hitting the ikki then pointing towards him it will give you the option to talk to him after that hit trade items option and take your stuff back from him

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The e key rather. Stupid voice to text

©hatting and walking into him should also start the popup menus that lead to the dialog tree which includes the trading option. Once an NPC is your ally, you no longer need to make cash-equivalent trades.