The world map looks different

I updated to the latest experimental and now the font on the map is really tiny. It makes it hard to tell things apart in cities. Is there some way to revert it?

Update to the newest experimental. There was a bug with the fonts, but it is gone now.

Oh thank goodness, I thought it was some misguided creative decision . Thank you!

I’ve just downloaded “cataclysmdda-0.C-6717” and the font is still illegible. Has the bug been reintroduced or am I doing something wrong? I have -6678 and it has normal sized map font.

I’ve had similar problems, with updating not helping but have found the fix;
Find the fonts.json file
Edit it with any text editor
Change the font (which was blank in my case) to unifont and the dimensions to be the same as the normal view font (you’ll understand when you see it)

Hope this helps