Changing font problems

I understand this topic was covered extensivly already and sorry for bringing this up again.
Tried changing the fornt ingame. After few yt video guides, searching in here and reddit i still have the problem it doest work. Please can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?


  "fontblending": false,
  "fontwidth": 12,
  "fontheight": 24,
  "fontsize": 24,
  "typeface": "unifont",
  "map_fontwidth": 24,
  "map_fontheight": 24,
  "map_fontsize": 24,
  "map_typeface": "whitrabt",
  "overmap_fontwidth": 24,
  "overmap_fontheight": 24,
  "overmap_fontsize": 24,
  "overmap_typeface": "square"


but ingmae it looks like this

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Have you edited data/fontdata.json as well? From what five minutes of browsing tells me, it’s an outdated file but config/fonts.json pulls its data from it, so perhaps try editing that file as well.

shameless bump cos i didnt find anything…

can map and overmap font be changed in curses anyway?