The Warlock Mod

Hey this is just to introduce my warlock class mod.
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The Warlock

A powerful Warlock in the old world, you were a master of the arcane and occult arts alike, unlike the rare but typical magic user, the warlock transmutes their own body in a practical way gaining great fiendish constitution, strength and resilience,

you’d originally went down this path in the old world as no matter how much destructive power you had, a stray bullet could’ve ended your ambition quickly,

so you chose the resilient path of a warlock. You influenced much in your life with your power, striking fear into local gangs and with the ability to discorporate into mist (an ability you learned first before making any dangerous moves as to escape any situation) this forced even the government to ignore you.

You were enjoying life and making moves when perhaps someone else made a far bigger one, far more powerful, and conquered the world… (probably a damn lich!)

Profession: Warlock


Sorcerous Knowledge of the Universe (+6 Int)
Fiendish Constitution (13 armour to all physical effects)
Fiendish Strength (+4 Unarmed/Melee) (this represents strength not skill)
(+4 markman to actually give you any chance to hit with magic)


11 skill point cost
Unable to use/install bionics (Also magic replaces bionics tab)
Infernal Aura (You have a powerful scent of fiery sulpher, making it very easy
for animals to track you)
Nicotine Withdrawal: 10 (Like any cool dark character, you smoke =) )

Items: Cloak
Long Sleeve Shirt
Stylish Black Leather Gloves
Stylish Armoured Boots
Dandelion Wine
Pine Wine
Cigars x2
Ornamental Dagger

      Female: Bra

          Male: Briefs


Note: let me be frank that a lot of these spells don’t hit more than a base melee attack, so a lot of it is very balanced, it’s just for flavour, you’ll also need a lot of markman to hit, I didn’t want to add markman bonus’s but it seemed necessary

Lux: A spell of light to emanate a soft warm glow from you. (1 mana per turn)

Telekinetic Burst: Your may generate a very high power blunt telekinetic blast, creating a short-range impact.
While it will not do much damage to creatures, objects such as walls and doors will be damaged. (50 mana)

Eldritch Blast You fire a decent damaging blast of eldritch energy at your target, can start fires, requires high perception. (5 mana)

Eldritch Arch Lightning: You unleash a blast of eldritch lightning that arcs to multiple targets infront of you. (15 mana)

Hellfire Nova: You unleash a powerful hellfire shockwave of destruction, knocking back all nearby creatures.
Targets are stunned briefly, take damage and additionally stun upon impact with impassable terrain, they knockback any creatures they collide with. (66 mana)

Hellfire Shield: A pentragram made of hellfire will constantly emanate beneath your feet, continuously draining mana.
This symbol does not deflect harm, but rather delivers a fiery singe to unarmed attackers… (6 mana per turn)

Walk Unseen: Will yourself to be unseen, and you shall! (40 mana per turn)

Mist Form Traversal: Discorporate into mist and travel as fast as air from one location to the next. (100 mana)

Small Pocket Dimension: You’ve created a small pocket dimension where you can carry a small amount of extra weight of roughly two kg

Infernal Soul Furnace: Consume the soul energy from nigh all things around you. (Use ‘E’ whilst toggled on) (Can consume the energy out of things like wood,ect)

Mana: The arcane power of your soul (300)

End =)

Notes: Both female and male are called warlock because In IRL occultism a warlock is actually something different to a witch contrary to popular belief

Aura of Hellfire negative effect doesn’t show up but it’s working

Any feedback would be nice, I’m new to the game is it balanced is it not, any suggestions to edit?

(It’s quite simple though)


1.01: Oops added cigarettes instead of cigars, fixed =)
1.02: APOLOGIES! I was using an older version of the game and so the warlock traits used up all your trait points, it has been fixed now as I just updated the game myself.

Get latest version above, fixed.

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I’ll give it try, would love to magic my way to running myself over again.

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Awesome, well be sure to download the updated version, it’s not important at all, though it is to me.

Very important style difference =D

Please download latest version made important change for new versions of the game, i was using old version.

You betcha, I’ll try it tomorrow.

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//Warlock/classes.json: line 13:28: separator not strictly allowed at end of array

"traits": [

10 ],
10 “CBMs”: [

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 695

im not sure what this error is or if this mod is even being updated still if so pleas help.

Remove the comma after “SORCEROUS_KNOWLEDGE”.

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//Warlock/b_mutations.json: line 426:32: missing separator

“type”: “mutation”,
“name”: “Sorcerous knowledge of the Universe”,
10 “points”: 0,
10 “description”: “Your long study of the arcane and occult mysteries of the universe has earned you a greater intelligence. +6 Int”,

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 695

it just gives me a new error

Turn this:

"traits": [

into this

"traits": [

but leave this:

“type”: “mutation”,
“name”: “Sorcerous knowledge of the Universe”,


basically, commas should separate items in JSON, but the final } in an object or ] in a list aren’t additional items and shouldn’t have commas before them.

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Heh, this looks interesting. We know have two magic mods: Arcana and Warlock. Hope they are compatible as magic in the cataclysm seems a bit underrepresented.

ah i got it now thanks i’m still pretty new to the whole code thing.
and i was also kinda in the wrong folder lol.