The Void in Ravines

Ravines are cool, I like having them turned on in worldgen. They complicate things in an organic way, while not being (I think) too frustrating.

When you get all the way to the bottom of them though, the reward is… nothing.

Maybe there’s something I missed. But it would be sweet if there were special ravine plants or locations or… anything at all to make the exploration worth it. It’s an eerie vibe to be sure, but anticlimactic.

Anyway, they deserve a little love! Does anyone know if there’s current functionality in JSON for modifying them? Or what their development history is?

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They were added back in 2020 and haven’t been worked on since. That PR should show where all their code is.

If you wanted, you could create a new overmap spawn location and attach a special to it, as to have something spawn in ravines.

I’d love to see ravines cut through already generated terrain instead of the current implementation where they spawn as if they’d always been there. They’re geologic features rn, they’d be way cooler as natural disasters.