The state of the MMA (Mythical Martial Arts) mod in the latest experimentals

As of the latest experimentals, it seems that MMA is no longer working properly, the martial art styles in the mod simply don’t function, your character just does default attacks as if they were using the ‘force no style’ in unarmed combat, this applies to all unarmed styles in the mod, I haven’t yet tested the weapon styles but I suspect they have some problems as well, if I remember correctly, lately one of the newest features of the experimental branches was ‘Attack Vectors’, and from what I understood of the concept, it might be what’s causing the MMA mod to malfunction, I also suspect that the ‘Ki Strike’ perk isn’t working either as I am unable to reach the levels of damage that I could with it in earlier builds, so just out of curiosity, is there any ETA as to when the MMA mod will be updated to the new combat system? (if it is still being maintained at all), thanks for the patience and sorry for my very first post being me complaining about something.

Can confirm that it is indeed the Attack Vectors, since you only need to add the appropriate Attack Vectors within the technique to have it function again. It is rather simple to add them yourself, just a bit grinding to the nerves to do it for every technique there is.

Is MMA working properly now? I’m pretty new to the game, so I don’t know how to check myself, and I can’t find the repository for it.

They do have the attack vectors now so they should work.