The Sink, The Toilet and the water

Something I noticed while playing cataclysm is that you can’t use the sinks on house to get water, could they be changed so we can get water from them? I know that you can take, for some reason, fill bottles and bottles of water from the toilet but it’s still from the toilet. I don’t know why we can’t get water from the sinks on the game, it might be for balance or because people forgot to add it, but I think it would be nice to have a water source other then toilets or the nearest river/lake.

I can see some balance/real-life issues with this suggestion, we expect the water coming from our sinks to be clean/not give us food-poisoning. What about making only some of the houses give you clean water, and the water itself begin limited somewhat like the gas from gas pumps?

The in-lore explanation could be that there’s no more water begin pumped into people’s houses, but there’s still some water on people’s water tanks on their attic/anywhere they place it. What you guys think?

Thank you for your time and sorry for any grammatical errors, my English can be somewhat bad.

It’s probably because there is no electricity anywhere , so water doesn’t get delivered to sinks.

I’ve thought about this too and suspect the reason you can still use the toilets as a water source is because they have their own reservoirs for a flush or two in case of power outages. While a sink requires active pressure in the pipes in order for the faucet to work.

Technically this means each individual toilet should eventually ‘run dry’ through use like a gas pump. However, I also think that one should be able to upkeep or turn back on various utilities… or at least get intermittent service from them as power plants and water plants are quite easily automated (especially in a future where law enforcement has an automated robotic beatdown division.)

However, till then I suggest using a funnel trap set out in the rain for water collection as you often don’t even need to purify rainwater to avoid illness (it’s also super useful for collecting acid rain.)

Where do I find a funnel and how do I use it?

I thought toilets were a stagnant water source (hence the high chance of food poisoning/poisoning) and the fact that they never actually run out is technically a bug.

You can find funnels in houses, evac shelters, shops and they seem to be very common in Science Labs

Pretty much this is the intended behavior AFAIK.

Perhaps it could be that the sinks in Cataclysm have a back-up water storage unit that runs dry fairly quickly. You could for the toilet forever and probably get food poisoning, or you could get water from the sink which will probably run dry after a bottle.

Could go further, and make it so only towns with a water tower can provide water (make it so it has a computer terminal or something to make the pipes flow again, doesn’t require much skill). This is literally the reason water towers exist, they provide a consistent pressure of water, otherwise you do need active pumping.

On that note, it’d be nice if by farms there’d be one of those water spigot things, the kind that just stick out of the ground and diepense water based on aquifer mechanisms, maybe smash it and it forms shallow water, but you could get some metal bits like pipes.

That’s a brilliant idea.
I like the water tower suggestion too.

To be fair, some houses do have backup tanks with enough water to shower with in the form of an underground reservoir. You do need power for the pumps, but some of them come with extra air pressure to pump water with, even after the lights been gone for several hours. Or they get placed on roofs and use gravity to supply water.

Well, I don’t really know what else to say, all the good ideas have been spoken on this thread by now, thank for the ideas, hope this get implemented some time.

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