The "motivation" thread

Well, this thread is to help me (and others) get motivated to play this game again, cause I havent really been motivated to play this (or any really) games at the moment.

Play the damn game or I will run over your entire family with a sled made of burning puppies.

Play. It’s fun.
It’s 2am and I’m playing it, so it must be :stuck_out_tongue:

Do it, drake sounds super cereal. Like, SUPER cereal. So cereal it might put the puppies out (not down, out).

All joking aside, cataclysm is mostly based off of self set goals, and your connection with the character. Make a Charles Barkley themed character, make a schizophrenic Gandhi character. Don’t take the same traits EVERY time, sometimes it’s fun to have things against you in a way you wouldn’t expect. Hell, figure out for me, the difference between chemical inbalance and mood swings. Burn down a town and dance on the ashes, set fire to the Ohio river, build a sled out of burning puppies the world is your oyster. Season it and eat it.

Please find Hoss for me I miss my fish. He is good fish. One day maybe that will be a quest ingame: find Edmund’s jackalope fish

Completely possible with Hoss being in the game already. :stuck_out_tongue: this convinced me to play tomorrow

I refuse to have my npc self put in the game until I’ve sat down and finished the comic I started. When I do though, hell yeah, FISH QUEST. I have no idea what I’d give you, though. Hopefully something funny.