Losing Interest

So, i’ve been playing this game for a while, and i absolutely love it.
Only problem, is that because i lack goal it has become rather dull

Any advice?

[quote=“detahramet, post:1, topic:5880”]So, i’ve been playing this game for a while, and i absolutely love it.
Only problem, is that because i lack goal it has become rather dull[/quote]
Welcome to the club pal. I’ve been trying to get back into it for months, I’m just not in the mood to play post-apocalyptic games anymore.

make goals for yourself.

In my current world , I’m making it a point that all my characters add something to the world. Usually by way of building structures, fortifying and etc. My goal is to see how much I can build throughout the world.

Try a tough character build using all negative traits. Try not grinding skills and let the progression happen naturally

it comes a time when the game is no longer interesting. Only remedy (and this one partial) is not playing for a long time, then coming back to see what’s new. Haven’t played in a long time, just a few min now and then in a “let’s fuck this character” mood.
But i kinda like the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully some day there will be a main questline along with plenty of side/faction questlines.

Or, who knows, MMO play.

This sadly, is an effect of the fast scaling combined with little end-game content. Both are things we’re trying to work on, but for now your best bets are probably to set yourself some goals, as mentioned by the earlier posters in the thread. Go beat a strange temple, or try to clear out a city. Alternatively you can set yourself up for harder starts. Playing a world with 40x spawns and .5x item spawns makes things a lot more difficult at the start!

I play with 0.5 loot spawns and 10.00 zombie spawns, which makes the game somewhat more fun. Wandering spawns make the game more interesting too; getting a vehicle all repaired, modded, and fueled up is a real challenge now, and using a shotgun can make things considerably worse than they are already.

Yeah, I’ve been having the same problem. I still do a “coffee break mode” sometimes by just turning up the enemy spawn rates and using the debug menu to get some guns, but I haven’t really been able to sit down for a proper game with long-term survival as a goal. I keep telling myself that I’m gonna go and start a game, but then I find a vehicle and run it into zombies and blow up. I dunno, maybe I’m just Cataclysm-ed out or too busy with other games.

Maybe I’m just waiting for more end-game stuff, but there definitely is a bunch of cool stuff being added until I get there. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a proper game soon…

I also have this problem, even more so after figuring a strategy that makes me a god in 3 days, though i only tested it with .8 items and 1.75 monsters.
(It involves crossbow bolts, outposts, and shotgun traps)

I just killed the thing on my 3rd day in. That aint supposed to happen.

Either Way the game should probably be harder than that on the default settings.

Play something different. Plenty of games out there. In a year or so your interest might have rekindled.

Mod your game.
Screw up your code beyond recognition and then download it again.
I did, and it was fun.

Personally, I’m waiting for the improvement of NPCs.
The idea of having a fortified NPC fortress sticking out as a rebellion in my wasteland kingdom is pretty exciting to me.

Another possibility is that the devs could further complicate the follower dynamic, making relationships with NPCs more interesting in general.

Realistically, if you want to leave your game intact and you don’t want to wait for improvements, strange temples, mines, and triffid groves present at least a moderate challenge to anyone. If you haven’t done all of those three, I strongly suggest that you do.

One cool idea that I’ve thought about is setting a goal for getting to a specific point on the map (for myself) to reach as the final goal of the game. Before you load up a new world, write down some ridiculously distant coordinates on a piece of paper and focus on getting to that point. Hopefully your load times don’t eclipse your play time, though…

To 0,0 and make the entire map tile a fortified fortress which cannot die to any number of spawned in hoardes.

I think just going nomad and walking through roads and forests, with NPCs on and hordes on would be fun.

I agree, although not everyone does.

The pure skill of being able to live solely off of what you can carry and scavenge as you travel is pretty intense. Make sure to carry at least a sawn-off, though. Zombie bears will get ya.

Make an achievement mods. There is unfinished end game content. So volunteer to help with that.

crank up your spawns to 50, seasons to 90 days, and make your goal to clear a city of zombies.

Plenty of long term gameplay/story potential from what I’ve seen. Because zombies fill up most places, getting to the “end game” point takes a lot longer and you have a lot more to do. Even with good equipment and skills raiding towns and clearing habitated areas is really difficult, and overall the game is much more dangerous and exciting. Also, because you can’t just get everything you want from town you have to use your brain a bit to survive.

I just wish that there was an option to raise the spawn rate of wildlife, that would give the game even more strategic potential.

Are you playing on default points or more? Once I dropped my character points down to default, I found the game far more challenging and success far more satisfying.