The most dangerous game of all. Also, can you have only nether creatures to spawn?

Has anyone played a game with the highest level NPC spawn rate with little to no monsters? I’ve been playing through one on and off. Within two game days I accumulated a group of 14 and completely ransacked a mall I started next to.
I have two extremely strong mutants(Feline and Lizard. Lizard is wearing a French Maid hat. Tried to make it wear a dinosaur costume but no luck. BOTH have asthma btw) who are Sapiovores which provides me with more than enough incentive to look for food and inhalers for them. I’ve actually found a few hostile groups that gave me a run for my money early on.
Also, is there a way to only have nether creatures spawn on the map? I want to set up a STALKER-esque wastland to play in.

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Yes… but you might need to reset the world…

Blacklist everything except nether creatures… The mundane zombies mod should be a good example of what to do.

If you want to make them appear in more places/often, you either have to add them to additional monster groups or, make more places spawn whatever the nether group is.

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Awesome. Thank you very much. Here comes the New England Exclusion Zone