You dead... but not RIP

what if you are been yet infected with goo - well you eat zombie-meat, for example.
and you… died…
in the principle you may resurrect as zombie.
why other humans resurrected as zombies but you only died?
well - it may be some “dice-roll” and you may “resurrect” and may not became zombie - inshallah! :slight_smile:

but this zombie - of course - is cannot be controllable by player but only let to player to see his further wandering as zombie monster.

what do you think, ALL?

EDIT: you can create new character in this world and kill your old zombifyed char… for loot :slight_smile:


I think it was an oversight of game design and I agree when I died and I made a new character I was expecting to have to kill a survivor zombie with my stuff on it but nope.


–I imagine it as when the apocalypse first started it affected a bunch of people, but since you missed that begging infection thingy or what ever it was, you won’t revive as a zomble. Could be wrong, but that’s how I’ve always thought of it.

Former player characters reviving as zombies is a “Definitely Someday” feature.

You are definitely infected, and that’s the reason why you can mutate.

Related: you may enjoy the game Zombi (also known as ZombiU on the WiiU), which is an otherwise simple zombie survival FPS that’s more or less built around this concept - you live, you die, you start a new character in the same world, you hunt down and kill your old character for your vital supply of lost equipment, you press on, you die again, and so on.



If I have my lore straight, all characters are infected with the “Goo” which is responsible for the whole zombie apocalypse thing. That’s part of what lets the character mutate so easily whenever they drink mutagen or eat a fetus or whatever. That’s the goo trying to change your body to be stronger since it’s basically a parasite at that level.

Once a body dies, the goo goes to town and mutates the hell out of them (zombies) and makes every effort to bring them back to life (revivification). The zombies attack to try and spread the goo, which needs flesh to make more goo (unsure on that part). Presumably once the goo has had long enough with a body it converts it all to goo and you get one of the blob monsters.

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–Well, maybe the blob mutate you faster, but that could partially just be due to game reasons and timing. While it was not a public thing going around where a bunch of people took mutagen, there was plenty of time while the stuff was being worked on. Haven’t you seen lots of stories where people drink some stuff or get irradiated and almost immediately turn into a mutant? If nothing else it make sense if you use the syringe to inject mutagen directly into your bloodstream for it to go crazy fast.

Mabye things will be much fun, if you’re resurrect not just zombie, but other monsters, it’s possible, such as blobs will swallow your body, and create a humanoid monster, a few ancient monster like flaming eye may resurrect your dead body as a fungoid, or worst, the living dead, or if you getting eaten by other zombie, the next time your new character may found that zombie who just eat you old one, and when you killing it, and butcher it, may even found your CBMs back, it will be fun, or even more scary, if you want…


Looks like that game is on sale on Steam for $4.99 USD (75% off) right now too, but it does use Ubisoft DRM, as a heads up. Not sure if it is or goes on sale on Uplay or not, though.

Is the reason it says in the players faction window, that our goal is to spread the infection or whatever, because we have the goo in us?