The gas mask unable to turn off

I’ve found a gas mask on the army squad body, and when I fighting smoke zombie, then turn on the gas mask, and later found out this gas mask was unable to disable, I try to disable, but it said I’m ready to use the gas mask, but I only want to turn it off, but it dosn’t work, eventually, I turn it off by unload the gas mask, is this some kind a glitch?

gas mask cartridges only deplete charge when they’re actively filtering out smoke and poison. It’s safe to leave them active all the time.


I don’t think they’re supposed to turn off. I’m pretty sure the cartridges just work automatically.

I really don’t understand how a gas mask is a hard concept to understand. Am I missing something?

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You are missing that you need to load and then to activate a gas mask to get it working.

So maybe you should ask devs this question.

bad news pretty sure activation is like breaking the seal on the canister so it’s in use
good news it only goes down when it protects you from whatever gasses are around

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