Firefighter PBA mask

I’m using 0.C-28376-g8bf0d6b (tiles) experimental 7473.

I’m trying to understand how PBA masks work now. So it has 100 charges of gas mask cartridge, which I understand. It needs activation, okay, I activate it and it depletes some charges every turn I’m in hazy toxic cloud or something.

When I (U)nload a fully loaded (100) PBA mask, I get 100 battery units to my inventory. When I’m trying to ( R )eload it then, it says “you don’t have any gas mask cartridge”:


When I’m trying to activate unloaded PBA mask it says:

So it appears by Unloading I removed both battery and filter, but I can’t seem to find it in my inventory or anywhere around.

Now questions:
What am I doing wrong?
How can I load batteries back?
Where can I find gas mask cartridge if I can’t remove it from PBA?
Is PBA disposable now?
What does part reload mean?

I thinks that’s it so far.

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From now every gas mask type headwear needs gas mask cartridge to filter the air. You can craft it. They don’t need batteries anymore. When you unloaded it, you just unloaded the (old) batteries. You need to craft cartridges.

BTW, i don’t know how it should work but you have to activate every gas mask to work, but you can’t deactivate them… but you can unload them. I think it is an oversight.

That sounds like a bug to me. I mean, that totally makes sense that you need to activate your gas mask filter (let’s say it’s in factory sealed pack) and you unpack it so it starts to actually filter the air. You cannot ‘turn it off’ afterwards, that makes sense as well.

Removing batteries renders it unusable now, even though filter should still be there. So unloading PBAs now essentially makes them stop working. Maybe at least until you find filter cartridge, I don’t know.

You think the mask needs both objects to work, but not. The game has some limit, like we can load only one type of object into another one.

Until this update we had to load batteries into the PBA masks, that represented the “charge”, but it is obsolete now. At last we have to load it with cartridge as it should be from the beginning. So it is a transition from the old version to the new, not a bug.

I totally understand that. But PBA masks spawn with batteries, not filters. When you unload them, taking batteries away, you cannot activate it any longer. So it is a bug, because if it is intended - unloading them should not be possible. Only replacing a filter when it’s depleted.

I see. if new PBA mask spawn with batteries then it is a bug. But the old ones loaded with batteries because that was the default before that change. I suggest just debug some cartridges to solve the problem. I have no idea how they should handle the unloaded filters, because nothing can stop you to change the filters IRL.

Ill see if i can fix it, EDIT* is this from a newer version? im using an experimental from yesterday and its working normally, i unload batteries, and reload them without issue,

No, it was implemented 2 days ago.

#7468 (2018.06.17. 14:05:12)

  • Add filter ammo for gas masks.
  • Add iuse::gasmask.
  • Edit filter recipe.
  • Astyle and small changes for gasmask.
  • Remove gas masks with _on.
  • Add env_resist_w_filter.
  • etc…

nevermind, i checked my build i updated 3 days ago, will update again soon.

Based on the recipe of the medium filter cartridges does that mean the pba uses pork chop style filters?