Smoke inhalation with Gas Mask Active

I have a gas mask with an active filter, but apparently I still get smoke inhalation? What the heck?

Edit: It also doesn’t stop poison gas apparently either…so what the hell is the point of mask with filters if they don’t do the thing they’re designed to do?

Last I remember, you have to activate the mask before putting it on, to prepare it. Failure to do so means the mask doesn’t work. Don’t remember the exact order of operations, been a while since I played.

Note how I said “active filter”? I did activate it, that’s how it’s always been, but in the past it’s actually offered some kind of protection!

I know what you said, and I still know what I said. I also know it sounds stupid, but you need to activate the mask before putting it on, even if you have activated it previously. Perhaps this has changed since I last played (about a week before the new inventory system) but gas masks got real picky about a year ago.

I just tested this in build version 0.E-10845 (0.E-4197-g3b15cc4) and it works fine for smoke as well as hazy clouds.
It also degrades the filter (as it should).

Testing perimeter:

  1. Spawned in a gas mask. It came with the filter.
  2. Activated it over the general use ([a]) menu.
  3. Put it on with the general [W]ear menu.
  4. Spawned in a Smoker Zombie and stood in its smoke.
  5. Moved away and spawned in a Bloated Zombie, killed it and stood in the gas cloud.
  6. 87/100 charges left in the mask and no smoke inhalation or poisoning effects/status.
  7. Taking the gas mask off, dropping it or wielding it and walking into smoke causes inhalation.
  8. Putting it back on prevents further inhalation.

Other perimeters:

  • Naked, other than gas mask (active) (100/100 gas mask cartridge) (yellow colored).
  • No traits.
  • Under the effects of Painkillers and Unhappy.
  • Monster speed set to 1%

On 10891 I put it on, activated it, as I saw a smoker coming my way. it depleted the mask but did not protect against smoke.

I activated it again which did nothing, and almost immediately ran into a bloaters poison cloud, again it depleted the charges and did not protect me.

Just did it again, here’s a snip:

Note the red text on the log.

Hold on, you stated above you used a gas mask, but your screenshot shows a extra-light survivor mask.
I also can’t find that item in the unmodded base game, making me think that this is from a mod.
Do you know which one?

Edit: A search over all the files included in the base game (build version 10895) showed no results. This includes official mods.
So, unless this item was removed within the last 4 build versions, it is probably from an unofficial and unsupported mod and should be taken to the mod creater/maintainer.

@Valase good catch, turns out it is from an older mod that doesn’t seem to have problems loading, “More Survivor Stuff”.

I looked over the JSON and also compared it to the vanilla items, doesn’t appear to be any errors per se, but it does seem like maybe the old formatting is for some reason making it not function? Ammo type is the same, gasmask activatable property, and protection with filter values.

Indeed, but it (if you use it from @TheGoatgod’s Modpack where I’ve downloaded it) has no cover. It did throw some warnings when the item is examined:

invalid body part id "EYES"
invalid body part id "MOUTH"

And that’s also the problem. The game can’t load the old style and in the end it protects 100% of “nothing”.
Open up the mod folder, navigate to the More_Survivor_Stuff/items folder, open up the armor.json file, search the mss_mask_extralsurvivor entry and replace the lines

"covers": [ "MOUTH", "EYES" ],
"coverage": 100,
"encumbrance": 16,


"armor_portion_data": [
  { "covers": [ "eyes" ], "coverage": 100, "encumbrance": 16 },
  { "covers": [ "mouth" ], "coverage": 100, "encumbrance": 16 }

That should fix it (tested it myself and works fine).

Be aware that this is not the only error in this file… All clothing and armor seem to suffer from the same problem.

With a little bit coding experience and/or the necessary tools you should be able to replace all instances pretty quickly.

I had a different issue with a pba mask where it got damaged to the point that it didn’t offer enough environmental protection even when active with filters repairing the mask fixed that issue

@Valase I thought about as much, thanks for the fix! Question, is that an abandoned mod and would it be worth my time to update for people?

Edit: I’ve already contributed some JSON work to the project by the way, and am a moderately experienced coder. I just feel reticent poking around in peoples mods without their blessings.

No problem, glad it was a quick fix :slight_smile: .

Well, that’s something that someone else has to answer, as I’m not up to date on what mods are still developed or maintained and which are abandoned.
Since that change happened (relatively) recently, it’s quite possible that it just wasn’t addressed yet. The last update to his/her git happened 1 1/2 months ago, so it’s semi-maintained and it looks like TheGoatgod has changed up some stuff (adapted to the new name of kevlar plates) recently.
The update of the body parts system probably caused temporary damage to quite a bit of mods…

As for if it’s worth the time… Well… You probably can judge that better than I could.
It can be done fast and semi-automated if you know how to deal with RegExp.

@Valase I more so meant if it’s worthwhile to the community for me to spend that time. If @TheGoatgod is maintaining these then I won’t interfere, I wasn’t sure if there was active maintenance going on or if it was just removing loading errors and the like, since you mentioned it’s no longer supported.

Oh, no no, I meant it’s not supported by the official game support (as in, it’s not worth to create an issue on cataclysm’s github - it would just get dismissed).

Personally, I don’t see fixing stuff and adding new things as “interference”. That’s what git is for… or at least what I think it’s for.

Since TheGoatgod almost certainly has to run a script to fix all these broken items in all the mods, it’s probably not worth your time to fix a single one by hand, in my opinion… But, depending how long it takes to write and use that script, you might get it done faster than s-/he…

i started the community mod pack “goats mod compilation” anyone can change data and fix them i will fix mods regardless of them being maintained or not if im quick enough, im currently going through every error and linting mods im on 0.09d atm and only like 50 mods work properly expect 0.1 to be fully done and should be ready for F. well i hope to get most of them done sunday

a script? im confuesed i dont have anything that automaticly fixes stuff, i do it all by hand through atom reaper brought the json workflow over i took the astyle. this only tells me errors doesnt fix them saddly

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Uh, in that case, congratulation on your dedication!

But I would strongly suggest the use of a software with replace-all function that can handle multiple files/folders, it should make your life a lot easier.

And the usage of Regular Expressions can even replace over multiple lines to fix stuff like this clothing one.
(But take the warning I was given when learning RegExp: “You will shoot yourself into your foot sometimes. Have a bandaid nearby and a backup ready and try again. Mastering RegExp does pay off.”
And I can wholeheartedly agree on that. On all of it.)

atom has a replace all button but pretty much by hand most of it 1 file at a time, i have a search tool that i can search everything and im not changing, this is how i like wasting my free time sometimes