The friendly BEES

So, I’ve found a beehive and went to explore it asap. Bees are all ignoring me, even while I am killing them for meat and stings, taking all of their honey, eating honey infront of them and even shoving it into their faces, all the while hitting scarred zombies with my pipe.

Is this intended? Are beehives just huge 3x3 piles of food on the map?

Bees just chillin’ and ignoring me while i smash scarred zombies.

Edit: Its Experimental 0.9 build 181, can’t get more up-to-date than that

If you’ve got insect pheromones mutation the bees will ignore you (I think, never tested it)

It’s a new world with a new character, I just went straight for the beehive from the shelter.

They probably have their aggression value set too low in the jsons

I’m inclined to agree that they are too passive, I noticed this with my character too. Just went and loot their hive without resistance beside the pesky scarred zombies.

[s]Windows, build from git-pulled code, last commit Rivet’s at 573f62ca35ad7a3b27676ff05eb2568773da0934 .

Huh. Doesn’t look like their aggression’s been downtuned in a while, and -10 shouldn’t be that passive. Wonder if the anger-triggers got wonky somewhere?

Confirmed. Bees are no longer territorial, and whacking one with a No. 9 left both it and its comrade (adjacent to me) both non-hostile. This is a bug. Will tune their aggression up to 0 for now and see if that helps. Thinking the anger-triggers aren’t properly firing. Galen still around?

2d: Or it could be that they’re blind and deaf… Will give 'em back their eyes :wink:

3d: Nope. Anger trigger “PLAYER_CLOSE” went missing. Replaced and PR’d. Steal honey while you can, miscreants! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

4h: And it turns out that just about every insect in the game has a problem attacking the player, for some reason. Wasps and soldier ants refrain from attacking. ???[/s]

Marginally instructive at least.

Could be related to the new scent update, not properly creating scents.

Was related to the new scent code creating scents very strong, and monster scent move thresholds not being updated accordingly.

Fixed in #4670