The dark days ahead

Just because it purposefully stays dormant doesn’t mean that it isn’t still present and dangerous though. A relatively small number of blob cells could easily resurface unless it is fully eradicated, and completely wiping an infection from a person even with their immune system pulling its weight is pretty difficult.

Also, while yes it could easily kill everything on Earth, I think that it doesn’t do so for a much more insidious reason: the Earth struggling against it is important for its reign. Similar to how tyrannical dictators don’t massacre their entire country’s population, it’s not because they care for the people but because that’s where they derive their power from. The zombies can’t really repopulate, and they get fed/bolstered by other creatures who can reproduce. It could also be that the Blob is using the Earth for a simulated but controlled rebellion scenario. It does control a pretty hefty bit of space time, so having a planet that fights back is important for the blob so that it can test different strategies for suppressing said rebellion.

TL:DR, the blob could be using the Earth to generate combat data rather than just to increase its power

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given what we know about blob rivivecation it seems unlikely that the blob would be able to take over a body with only a few blob cells the immunesysteem missed since the zombies are sort of alive (many metabolic process are still going on and the tisseus in zombies are still alive). the blob needs to act immeditally to prevent the body form shutting down completely and needs to restart certain processes immediatly to prevent a body form dying if it first needs to regenerate itself while still under attack by a immunesysteem it simply wouldn’t be quick enough to prevent total organ failure and the cell death that would accure as a result damaging the body enough that it could be revived. also the immunesysteem is pretty nasty and how through it is in clearing out and keeping out any paragen depends on how severe the inisial infection was and how much damage it coused. given that the blob is a few procent of body weight it would be widspread enough that the immune systeem designates it as a pathagen to be ereadicated from the intire body, if your body would take on the blob in your body it would either succed and give you immunity to it (this would be the people with imperceptive healer trait) or it would die trying most likely damaging the blob infection and the body as a whole enough to prevent revivecation.

also the blob seems pretty hell bent on killing anything non-zombiefied so i doubt that it wants combat data or wants to “farm” earth life. this is why i think that the reason it keeps down is the immunesysteem since this is the simplest reason i can think of that isn’t farfetched.

With multiple realities, could there be a potential reality where humanity could prove the superior opponent against the blob?

i think that we can figure out the scale of the blob if we take into account the fact that the blob can sent energy to itself between dimension (this is what keeps the zombies running), this makes it likely that the blob can also communicate to itself across dimentions (this is how the hiveminds makes designs for zombies and sends them to the blob on earth). this means that the moment the blob got this ability it was able to comunicate with anyother blob in (possibly infinate) paralel dimentions and create a hivemind/something so vast that it might not even be discriped as a single entity since it is near infinete in scope so even the blob itself isn’t capable of realizing it’s own scope. baseicly the blob might be a collection of hiveminds that also form a sort of hivemind/something accross multiple dimentions. now if that isn’t something alien than i don’t know what is.

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i couldn’t see humanity ever disctoying it since is possibly infinite but humans might win on earth if the blob invaded (forexample if the robots/scientists didn’t screw up or if the survivors manage to survive for a few generation than get the numbers and experience nessecery to fight back, unlikely as it is)

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Funny enough, if there are infinite realities then yes. In at least one of them, the roles would be reversed and humans invade the blobs and succeed.

This is going to become a bit of a tangent that’s unrelated to the game, but I like thinking about theories about infinity so I have a lot of ideas on this stuff.

If there is an infinite universe, or infinite realities, or infinite whatever, there will soon be 0 of all of them. This is not because it’s unsustainable to maintain infinite realities, because that would mean that an infinite amount of entropy is occurring at the same time, but because of one of the realities. Since there are infinite realities, there must, somewhere, mathematically, no matter how small the chance, be one reality where somebody creates a device that ends all of everything. It doesn’t matter how it works, but the fact that it can exist means that the chances of it existing in all of infinity are 100%.

Since time and space are like different sides of the same coin, you need to describe where something is not only in space but in time as well. In an infinite reality, you would also have to describe it as within one of said realities, although that’s unrelated. It is also entirely possible that time and space work differently within the other realities, and as such because it is possible it is guaranteed to be that way somewhere in the multiverse (due to it being infinite and all). This means that in the absolute time it takes for one reality to go from big bang to total entropy is completely random, being seconds long from some perspectives and 10^100000 years for others. Since the multiverse is infinite, there’s an infinite number of these realities being born and dying all of the time, and at different relative speeds.

This means that there is a 100% chance of there being a world that creates a device that destroys the universe, and it has an 100% chance to appear in one of the realities that has time sped up by a large margin compared to the rest of the multiverse, since there are infinite of them (and they’d be first in the race to destroy everything).

Therefore the realities cannot be infinite otherwise they already would’ve been destroyed by some jackass with a big red button.


Infinite does not mean unbounded. There’s an infinite amount of decimal numbers between 1.0 and 2.0, but none of them are 3.
Just because there are infinite universes doesn’t mean that an infinite-universe-destroying device must be possible in one or any of them.


Yes, that’s true. An infinite universe that hasn’t been destroyed means one of three things: the universe is not infinite, a device that can destroy it cannot exist for one reason or another, or the device takes so long to activate that it just hasn’t happened yet.

There are IMO a large number of other alternatives, for example a developmental conflict where a species willing to create and use such a device is incapable of surviving long enough to use it due to their level of destructive intent.

You see something similar in various species, for example mice are capable of being incredibly aggressive, and in fact it only takes a dozen or so generations of selective breeding to make it happen, but those mice are totally incapable of living in the wild, they’re an evolutionary dead end that gets pruned away far before they’re capable of being produced by natural causes.

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I’ve recently saw a post in a thread discussing theoretical physics that went somewhere along the lines of “it seems that not everything that is mathematically possible is also physically possible”.

then, funnily enough, it is old-as-mammoth-crap paradox of “set of all sets that don’t include itself as a set”.