Git version tag doesn't match the site-provided version? (0.3)

I was looking through the commit history in Git, and noticed a lot of stuff in ancestor commits of the 0.3 tag which doesn’t seem to be in the 0.3 source download from the website. Or at least, it wasn’t in there when I started playing.

One thing that stands out is firecrackers. I never saw those until I started using the Git version, even though the firecracker commit supposedly (according to Git) predates the 0.3 tag by ~10 commits.

Anyone know what’s up? It doesn’t actually affect much, it’s just a bit confusing.

That’s because it was pushed by the author before 0.3 was released, but not actually merged into our repo until afterwards. Git shows commits in chronological order regardless of whose repo they came from.

If that’s what’s causing it, then the gitk interface seems to be rather misleading. I see lines indicating that the firecracker commit (etc.) is a direct ancestor of the commit tagged as 0.3, which is where digging sticks were added. Heck, I haven’t even seen digging sticks in the version I downloaded, which has a changelog in the data directory (that was only added in 0.3, right?).

…a changelog which references the digging sticks…

Okay, new hypothesis: I grabbed some weird in-between version due to some timing coincidence.

It must be some weirdness, because I added the 0.3 tag to the repo at the same time as I compiled the 0.3 release.